I added lilo and stitch man YEAH! hawaiian roller coaster ride baby, now thats hardcore LOL



Well, this time thursday i will be on a train on my way to stl. Got all kinds of new stuff, i even bought a little travel pack to take with me, got little shampoos and razors and stuff. It’s all kinds of neat. I’m probably going to the hard rock, if so i wanna get a tshirt. i love t shirts. lol

Cheifs are 8-0 yeeah babeeee, we kicked some ass! I listened to the game because our satillite isnt working right now so i couldnt watch it. I took a quarter at osco last night and got that weird goo stuff that i used to play with and blow bubles in, I was a DEMENTED child, that stuff is disgusting! ok im going away now

Well, i would like to thank all of the people that did help or attempt to help when i was stuck in a bad situation this past week. It made me realize who really does matter in my life, and those of you whom i hold dear, and you know who you are, thank you. So many people have helped me through things in my life and the only thing i can do is to say thank you and let you know that no matter what i will always be there when you need someone like i have needed you. And though i may not be as good a friend or listener, i will try my best to be there for you. Friends truly are some of the best things you can have in your life, and so i family, and i know my mom has had it rough also and i have been telling her i love her and trying to spend time with her when i can. It’s creeping up on the three year anniversary of Micahs death, and if you don’t know his story ask me, it’s too complicated to post on here. I miss him and i suppose reminicing about him has caused me to realize how truly frivolous alot of the junk people pull is, dont sweat the small stuff, it isnt as important belive me. Always make sure you let everyone around you know they are loved, for tomarrow you may not have the chance. And with that i bid you adue, have a nice day