Here is the story so far. The insurance comp. got me a wheelchair and a walker. I’ve been in a physical therapy program for a a few days now, and today i walked a little with the walker! yaay!


Hey everyone,

What’s up? Well, as some of you may already know, and from what i have heard most of you know, i fell while running and hit my head.

I have a bad, bad, concussion, i can’t walk on my own right now lol. I even need assistance in the shower how bad does that suck! I have to sit on a step stool so i dont fall down.  well, the doctor had me get an MRI and it came out ok so im not dain bramaged lol i have alot of trouble walking so they sent me to phsycial thearapy today and the guy said i have alot of problems with coordination and were going to work on it and we went to see my doctor because i need a walker and a wheelchair.  I feel so old, need a walker and a wheelchair. Blah! at any rate. I think the doc just called. if he did ill update you all later.


peace love and lots of hugs.