Not having a good day. Little on the depressed side, mostly because of the rain i suppose, I just feel like everything i have worked so hard for this year was a waste. No one appriciates the work i’ve done. People should step up and take notice more often. I have worked really hard for someone who was stuck in bed for 3 months crying her eyes out every night because she felt so alone, and like such a burden to everyone around them. Yet i come back to all this crap, everyone starting rumors, i was anoerexic, dead, on drugs. Do people honestly think that little of me? I mean, wow, that someone would think i am on drugs? Everyone around me knows i have never done drugs in my entire life. Never! Most think its odd and unbelieveable because of how i act sometimes lol But that is just the ADD talking i promise! I dunno, i guess i just need a friend right now.

Eh, screw em, i’ll just brush em off, not like they know me or anything!

I think something did make me a little sadder than usual this morning though, i started thinking about how mom must still feel after loosing two people she knew. If any of you have been watching the news Tye and Catheren a paramedic and EMT were killed a few weeks back. My mom saw them all the time, talked to catherine about her protection order against my dad. Which makes me think i might actually loose my mom to him. I swear if the ingrate comes anywhere near my family. BLEH! Beleive me he will get a beating he won’t soon forget!

Anyway, i know i sound a little….Psychotic today lol. But i am truly fine and will be. I just need someones shoulder to cry on *goes to find josh* lol

Bye all