Lingers in me.

I am not a name or a face.

Just something that left a trace.

Will you remember the one who was never there?

Will you remember the one who didn’t care?

The one’s we wish to forget are those who haunt our dreams

They live in our minds forever so it seems.


That’s all I have so far. Looks like I could turn that into something more. Not sure though. Any thoughts? Let me know


*Dates in the near future*

Sept. 8th John’s 21st Birthday (yay for John)

Sept. 10th Will have had this xanga for one year.

Sept. 11th Self explainitory.


The saddest day in history will be, When we’ve become our own worst enemy.

Think about that…

I hear it
Rumbling in the distance
Cold rain on my face
Stinging my eyes
i feel my heart race
Pushing on through the storm
never falling back
My jacket may be torn
but i’ll make it through
Even though my heart is worn
I’ll make it through any storm


Another day
Another lesson to be learned
Anthoner way to burn
Never faulter never slip
I gotta keep moving
Somehow i always trip
Not this time
Today is mine
I’m gonna do this my way
This is my day
I’m here to shine

Eh, they are ok…First one was written today, second was written on Thursday. Hope you like em. Enjoy..

I hope you all like the new xanga, put it together peice by peice from other code, the image on top was made by me, the lyrics are from “Nothing Better” by The Postal Service. I know to some of you i might seem addicted to the band lol, but when i find a band i like i listen to them alot. That is with any band, not just this one, most of you know that about me.

It’s raining, might have some tornadoes around here again. Eh, go figure, seems the norm of late.

Later guys.

Rain, I just love it sometimes, just the light rain sheeting across the windows this morning has caught my eye. It’s beautiful.

Why is there so much pain and suffering that we must endure in the world? Terrorist taking more planes, killing more people….Sad…

I don’t think I will ever relate to the mentality. Maybe one day I will understand, but I don’t think i’ll ever accept it either.

Well, Good day everyone, stay safe.

Video Removed New One Posted

Video of the week:

Avril Lavigne – My Happy Ending

Well, not a whole lot going on here. Made a new MP3 CD with alot of cool stuff on it. Right now i’m just hanging out at home. My mom is jealous of the weight i’ve lost on DDR, lol. She hasn’t been able to play because of her surgery. It seems she will be playing again very soon. I’m bored. lol. Sitting here waiting for Anthony to get back from hanging out with others, and talking to Steven. I think i am going to go now.


*P.S. Excuse the babbly ness of this post please lol*

I’ve been thinking lately, what is a friend really? What qualities should they posses? What makes the bond so strong that petty fighting and differences don’t break it up? Well, for me, the qualities I like can vary, it depends on what the person is like i suppose. I look for courage, kindness, selflessness, honesty, acceptance, open mindedness, and something else, it’s unexplainable, just an acute feeling that you know when you meet someone that they will be in your life for a long time. The kind of person that if you moved to another state miles and miles away would come visit you from time to time and talk to you by any means neseccary. Alot of the qualities I myself posses. I think that is why I search for those things. The other parts take care of themselves. The ability to forgive someone even if they hurt you (unless it was intentional) because you know that it hurts them as well. True friends hurt when you do. It’s only natural. In turn you appriciate it, and it makes the bond between the two of you alot stronger. Friends are sometimes the shelter from the storms of life. They really do so much for others. And remember you are a friend to someone, so try to be the best on you can be. It is important.  It is hard to find people like this, but when you do, hang on to it. It’s rare. Really.

I think that is all for now.