Been up for over twenty-four hours. But I don’t want to sleep. at 6:00 PM this evening I started the long journey of making my computer ( a pile of parts at the time with a case next to it) into a workable machine. Finally, countless hours later, I have a beautiful computer with lots of pretty lights and everyhing blue. I love it. It runs flawlessly. I don’t want to sleep because I fascinated with the difference in graphics and sound quality, but the biggest thing is the speed. 525 dollars got me 512 RAM a soyo motherboard with pretty much everything on board, an AMD Atholon 2000+ CPU, and a few other fancy things. I didn’t get the blue LED fan yet. 20 bucks. I did spend 10 on some blue LED tubes for the inside. And to my suprise when i powered up the case once home with it, it had a blue LED fan already in it. Very pleasant surprise.

Side note, i tried to find DDR Extreme for PS2 today and compusa, wal-mart and blockbuster don’t have it. But i think EB will, though i don’t know now if i will go get it. Not sure. However i did pick up the Prima Guide for sims 2, not a bad little book. I don’t know about paying 20 bucks for it. But ya know. I felt like it!

Well, i am going to fiddle around with this some more.

See you all later.


Deep in me
Somewhere no one sees
It lives
Creeping around
Not making a sound
It lives
Keeping me awake
Feels like I might break
It lives
Deep inside
Loves to hide
It lives
In me
Why can’t anyone see?
What it does to me?
It lives
God does it live…

You ever notice when you wake up in the morning as the week goes on,
you feel less and less refreshed when you wake up? I don’t know, maybe
that’s just me.

Hoping to find the soundtrack for “Latter Days” (movie i mentioned in
earlier post). Some of the songs i reallly want, one is called
“Tuesday, 3 AM” by Nita Whitaker. Beautiful.

Have a good day kiddies

Flash of light, fades away
Broken glass, window pane
Broken heart
Falls apart
Spiraling deep
eternal sleep
Life to take
Never to wake
Tired and cold
Lives bought and sold
Darkness falls
Collapsing walls
Everyone Scared
Peircing, sorrowful stare
All lost, what to say?
So many lights, fade to grey
Never forget what happened that day
Never let their memories fade away….

3,005 was the count released by the Pentagon.
All of those people lost in one day.
As much as some of us would like to, we cannot forget this day. This was the day America came to know a new kind of enemy, one without a face.

Keep them in your thoughts. Everyone be safe, and tell your family memebers that you love them today.

(Images collected from and Graphic made by me)

Been running through my mind today
Scenarios to add to your hypocrisy
No one ever takes the blame
But everyone is searching for a cure to the pain
Nothing ever seems to change
Oh, nothing ever seems to change
We just play like broken records in a deaf man’s charade

Maybe you could take a look at yourself lately
Maybe you could take a look at yourself lately
Maybe you could take a look at yourself lately

Things keep coming and I keep wondering
I start feeling the walls close in
Things keep coming and I keep stumbling
I start feeling I’m strong enough to break
Oh, I start feeling I’m strong enough to break

Today I think i’m feeling strong enough to break.

So bored.



It’s 6:30 again
Time to wake up again
Gotta start my day
Gotta get on my way
Wash the sleep from my eyes
Too tired to rise
The world started without me
Such a sight to see
I put on my makeup
I still can’t wake up
Hair pulled back all nice and neat
Preperation for anyone i might meet
I spend so much time a day
Preparing for what others will say
7:30 now, and i’ve got to go

i know it kinda chops off…but i think it’s still good. See you all later