Suprisingly this morning, i feel quite refreshed. I like that. Today is
going to be a very good day i think. i hope everyone has a good day as

EDIT : I love it when i’m right. *big smile*


*rubs eyes* It’s too cold. I kept waking up last night because it was cold.

In what world do people think a chemical imbalance is contagious? Just
because someone’s brain misfires dosn’t mean yours does too. I hate
people that do that. It’s almost like most those i know are
hypocondriacs. They think they have a disease but they don’t.

Reminds me of when i was a kid. I once thought I had cancer. It was
pretty funny. I went to my mom and told her. She laughed at me and
assured me I didn’t have cancer. But then, she also assured me I didn’t
have athsma, and look what that cost me. Eh, she didn’t know any better
I guess.

Well. I hope everyone is doing well. And that life is being good. It’s been alright to me lately.

Have a good day

Cold day today. Had a long day, didn’t sleep last night.

Bored, don’t have much to write.

This guy i’ve been talking to named Nick got arrested this weekend. Why
are people so stupid? HINT TO THE WORLD. STOP USING DRUGS. God.

Nothing else really going on, might post more later.