So yeah bordem and stuff.

So there is this little character online that I like, it’s called a
meepit, and I say meep alot because it’s what I would assume a meepit
would say, Anthony and I watched coneheads today and the side of a car
in the movie said “Meepzors”….Yeah I had to mention that just because
I thought it was funny shit.

Not a whole lot going on with me. I miss talking to my sister, we seem
to not be online at the same times and i’m not good with the whole
phone thing. I really don’t like using it.

I’ve realized more lately that I really don’t know what’s going on in my family, I really don’t think I ever will.

Oh well, I suppose that’s for the best.

So yeah, not having money sucks, but having money and trying to decide
how to use it wisely sucks even more. I really don’t know how to remedy
this situation. I can’t ask anyone else, this is really something I
should decide on my own I suppose. But honestly, I want to take the
whole amount of money i’ve got and get Anthony a big present. lol.
Can’t do that. One day I will though damnit. One day.

You know what I want for Christmas?

A GIANT chocobo…..

Or moogle….


So I’ve tried Japanese food now. Took Anthony out.

The Verdict?

Well we did it and this is what we had.

We started it
off with Yakitori. It wasn’t too expensive and we both wanted to try
it, so I went ahead and got it. They brought us out a salad, and miso
soup, which there was no charge for. I was quite suprised. The dressing
on the salad was strange and a bit strong but good. The miso soup was
tolerable, but I will never eat tofu again, no flavor, disgusting
texture. The soybean paste kept settling and made it look really
unappatizing, so we didn’t eat much of that, but gave it it’s fair
chance. The Yakitori was delicious. It almost had a vegitable flavor to
it. I’m assuming it was grilled with them. But it was very enjoyable.We
also ordered a sashimi platter. Three of each, tuna, salmon, and some
white fish. It came without the rice and we were both a little confused
but they brought the rice out a little later. I’ve only tried it once
before myself so I wasn’t really sure I would care for it. The texture
was offputting, so I used my
chopsticks to make the fish smaller because it was a little slimy to
have so much. The biggest thing is that it lacks flavor. We weren’t
very impressed with it. I now love wasabe though, This place had a real
kind, little bit on the tongue and bam your nose is open, then seconds
later the spice is gone. It was pretty freaking amazing. I’m in love
with that stuff, I wanna put it on everything! lol.


Miso soup, and salad

Our platter minus the tuna, that was the white fish, not sure what kind it is.

For our main course I ordered Yaki Soba noodles with beef, and he
ordered pork Tonkatsu. I loved mine, he did too, we picked off of
eachothers. It looks a bit strange but it’s very delicious, the flavors
blend so well and the noodles are just tasty. His Tonkatsu, also
delicious, it has a texture you’d never expect, kind of flaky and
crunchy, the sauce that was there to dip it in tasted kind of like a
sweet steak sauce. I was really put over the top by it.

Yaki Soba, I believe this is chicken but you get the idea.

Two of those served with a large pile of vegtibles that seemed to be steamed.

At the end they brought us something really neat. I wish I had a
picture. It was a sculpted orange, four orange peices in a circle kind
of in a bowl made out of the peel with a toothpick stuck in one of the
orange peices. It was so orange and pretty. It really brought
everything together.

I was really impressed with the price as well. We got all that for 33 dollars. To me that seemed to be a really good deal.

The atmosphere of the place was amazing too. The place is called Kato
it’s on barry road. Very gorgeous layout, the dishes were even
beautiful. I really enjoyed myself.

So my experience with Japanese food so far has been a pleasant one, I
plan on trying more in the future as well as foods of other cultures. Hopefully Anthony will try them with me!

So not much going on really. I’m finally a highschool graduate. I’m
very proud of myself. It was a very nice ceremony. The speakers sucked.
SOOO Bad…lol. But that’s okay, It’s more about the fact that I
graduated right?

I finally did something that you have to be 18 to do. I opened a
checking account. I even ordered my own checks! lol. I used a 25 dollar
graduation gift to get them. They’re really neat, they have 4 different
little asian designs on them. How lame am I that this is such a big
deal to me? lol.

Anthony, Thank you for all your help lately, and thank you for being such a wonderful boyfriend. *huggles* you are the kupoest.


So I got a look at my semi famous teachers book today. He did some
really badass pictures for old bands like Missouri and Kansas. He did
the cover art for one of both bands albums. The book is full of concert
photography. Really amazing looking stuff. Some things I didn’t even
know you could do with a camera. Pretty amazing if you ask me. If
you’re into old music or concert photography, you can buy the book for
15.00 here
at his Ebay store. Or if you just want more information on him. You can go here

Yup…Two days…I’m so excited! I finally get what i’ve worked so hard
for. I finally get to officially graduate. I’ve worked my ass off. I
even got a 4.0 for most of my sophmore year and all of my senior year.
(I skipped junior year to those of you who didn’t know) I’m ready for
it. Unfortunatley because of my mother, I will not be speaking at my
graduation. I was asked to give a speech but because i didn’t find out
in time and the speeches had to be approved by the principal, it ended
up going to someone else. I’m saddened by that, but it’s still going to
be awesome.

Bah! I still haven’t figured out what i’m going to wear! lol. Anthony,
thank you very much for supporting me, not only now but while I was
going through this process. You gave me hope that I was smarter than I
gave myself credit for, and that I would do well. I felt less uneasy on
my test date because of your kind words and encouragement. Thank you.

Everyone wish me luck, and hope I don’t fall on my face or something stupid! lol. (Seriously, with me it’s a possibility.)


You know, I didn’t really believe that people could be so rational,
that they could sit down and talk things out. I always thought that
small things could tear people apart and put them at each others
throats. I didn’t believe it was possible until today. It becomes so
much more real when you see two people work through something together
without yelling and screaming at each other. It makes it very different
when it’s right there in front of you. To see love stand up and hold
against a problem is something i’ve never really experienced before. I
always hoped that if I ever had a problem with Anthony that we could
work it out by talking about it, and I thought that it might happen,
but I never truly believed it because people aren’t like that. In my
eyes no one was that rational and calm. Everyone was a cadged demon
waiting for a reason to come out and yell at me. Lash out and verbally
beat the shit out of me. Bad past experience I suppose. I used to be
scared shitless daily that I would lose him over something totally
trivial, some stupid mistake I made, or something I said. Now I know
that it dosen’t work like that though. Not when you really love
someone. I thought that love wasn’t enough, that no matter what the
smallest things could come between people. And that made me realize
something. I have never been in love before.

The dictionary describes love as “A feeling of intense desire and
attraction toward a person with whom
one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.” I feel
that now, and I know what love is. I have a sense of self, home, and
happiness. Things that I thought I knew, but really it was just me
making the best out of a horrible life that I shared with miserable,
going-nowhere-fast, people that dragged me down with them. I’ve become
an independent and happy person, plus I found a real love. From a man
who loves me for who I am. Who treats me like he loves me, and I didn’t
think it could get any better, but somehow every day it does. My love
continues to grow.

So now I know for sure that TRUE love can overcome difference and petty problems. I really believe that now.