Life is so very precious, so are the people that surround you. I
realized today I’ve probably taken some of the people in my life for
granted, or been stubborn about things I shouldn’t have been. Family is
important, you may not like them or get along to well, and they may
have wronged you in the past, but still they are family. I don’t want
to regret not seeing, or talking to my family. Life is fleeting, you
don’t get a forever, you should do the most with what you have, and
hope that you touch the lives of others, and keep yourself open so that
others can touch yours. You should always tell those you love that you
do, you could be gone tomarrow and you want them to know that you cared
don’t you? Were all journeying from one place to the next, passing by
others on the way there. While the end result of said journey might be
the most important, getting there is half the import. Just live your
life as best you can, don’t take others for granted, don’t be stubborn,
and tell everyone you care about that you love them, or one day you
might regret it.


So yeah, it took a bit of searching and some help from Anthony who
really knows what he’s doing when it comes to looking for games and is
definetley willing to make a drive to get one. But I got Shadow Hearts.
I played for around 2 hours today. I love it so far. Gorey, nice story,
weird zombie/cat creature things, an awesome old chinese man that
somewhat resembles Wang from Tekken, and a FFX like battle system, only
better.  EDIT: One of the main villians is named Bacon!

I really really like it! yay for cool games for me. Even though it
took going to 3 different gamestops to find it. Yay for gamestop trade
in credit so I didn’t have to pay for it.

Anthony thank you so much for taking me around and driving all that way to find it, you really didn’t have to. ❤

Yay, Maple Story and Jessie both rule ❤ Thank you for helping me out hun.

So i’ve found a new game I want. Gonna get it soon. It’s called Shadow
hearts, apparently it’s an ongoing seires. Looks pretty awesome.The
newest one being Shadow hearts: Covenant.

My eyes hurt and I’m tired.


So yeah, INVASION OF THE POLARCHUCK! I’ve changed my layout because
polarchucks are so cute they deserve their own xanga layout! Comments?
It’s different and will take time to get used to, mine’s been
dark/black since I got it, with the exception of my first layout, the
lilo and stitch stuff, but that sucked.

So yeah…I’m a mage in Maple Story now. Woohoo!

Full Metal Panic = Funny shit.



Sweet you can put video games on your xanga now. Finally.

So I saw Batman Begins with Anthony the other night. Very good movie. I
like the way it was done. Very dark, but that’s what was cool about it.
Although Katie Holmes should go jump off a bridge. I can’t stand that
thing she does with her lips when she smiles and stuff. She kinda moves
it off to the side and hides half of it. I just wanna rip it off. lol.
I might have a graphic I made used for a logo on a gaming site. The
site The Gaming Universe has a branch off of news and such called The Gaming Universe Reporter.
I attempted to make a logo and so far it’s been liked, I believe it
will be used for the website. The logo has gone through many stages but
the most recent is shown below.

I really think it came out nice. The logo that they have for the main
site has a planet for it and they also came up with concept sketches I
worked off of.

So not much else going on. Just kinda hanging out, Hopefully within the
next few weeks i’ll have a job in progress. That would be sweet.

Leave me a comment so I know you still exsist. Or so I know you still give a crap.

So yeah…SM05, totally fucking cool. It started out for me on Friday
pretty much. Anthony and I headed over to John’s where I was to hang
for Friday night, we played some Pop N Music, pretty damn sweet game.
Not sure who brought it but thanks to whomever. So, woke up early
Saturday morning and got shit started, went with Richelle out to get
Mary and some stuff from her house, we made cookies and cupcakes,
Richelle had to cut out early and get to work, but it was cool, Mary
was a big help with the cupcakes and making cookie dough, So i spent
most of the day dirtying the hell out of the pad and burning the shit
out of my hands lol. With a break for swimming in between. I don’t
think I finished cooking until around 2, and then Richelle and I had to
make a walmart run, didn’t get back till about 4, all in all it was
cool though, got to hang out with Scott and Mary when they went
swimming with me and Anthony, Scott/John, thank you for the use of
clothing to go swimming in I hadn’t been in ages. Also got to hang out
with Bill [Vaderseven], pretty damn cool guy, I can see why you all
like him so much. He really is awesome to hang with, some good
conversation was had wince the guys left for cool crest. I got to see
John more this weekend than I think I ever have, that was pretty cool.
The RoXor guys, Chris and Kyle were very sweet and cool. Probably the
most down to earth execs i’ve ever met. They even appriciated my
cookies and cupcakes, despite my “bitchyness” “Can I have a cookie?”
“ONE!” LOL. Whoops…Sorry! So Sunday I got up, wiped the sleep off me
and grabbed the cookies and shit and headed for the tournament, it was
raining, went in with Mary and dropped my shit when I saw the place.
Damn was it cool. Set up the table and started icing the rest of the
cookies. Sat around waiting for them to sell. Didn’t happen. Thank you
John for freeing me from my fucking pastry prison lol. So we just left
the table and hung out, I watched the qualifier for DDR which was
pretty interesting. I think I understand how everything works now,
after almost a year since starting DDR lol. Tournaments make sense! lol
Thank you Anthony for your wonderful explaination. Eventually made my
way over to the table where John was working with Anthony and some
others, helped as much as I could with making out brackets, it was
awesome being able to help out some and take some of the stress off
everyone else. You did an awesome job John, you were a wonderful host.
As did everyone else. I got to see ITG2 which is pretty cool looking. I
also got an ITG TShirt, Thanks to Kyle from RoXor. I
got to see a room full of doofus’ group shadow on a dance floor. Damn
was that amazing. I also saw many of those same guys molest a big ass
turtle. Poor thing. Everything wrapped up eventually and the whole day
was amazing, there were some close matches in both DDR and ITG. It was
sweet to watch. It was indeed a good time. I was really tired though, I
cooked all day the day before. I started at 8 am leaving John’s and
finished at 4 am Sunday. Man does it show lol.

  Anthony and I cut back to John and Scott’s where eventually
everyone else came to, talked to the RoXor guys some more and everyone
else. Signed Stunna’s Tshirt lol. Eventually headed home. It was a cool
weekend and alot of fun, also the first tourney i’ve been to where I
got to stay the whole time. Thank you to everyone who made the
tournament possible.Also to Chuck for the pics and helping us find
knives. And to those who helped me with the baking. Especially Anthony
who gets the best boyfriend in the world award because he stopped
playing PopNMusic to come help me make cookie dough when he didn’t have
to. Also for rubbing my back and keeping me calm when I thought I was
going to loose it over the cookies, and keeping my frustration at bay.
You are the best baby. *huggles* Kupo!

I am so done.