Why is it when it comes to parents being honorable I got the short end of the stick?

It seems like everyone and their brother can find whoever they want by
social security number but I can’t seem to find who i’m looking for.
For those of you who don’t know my parents are divorced and my dad
skipped town when he was order to pay child support.  I have his social security number and I am still unable
to find him. The best way would be to use a program or service, but
that costs money, and I don’t have money. I just wish he wouldn’t have
run off I guess.

If anyone has had a similar situation or knows anything about how to
find someone, or works for the FBI perchance, let me know…please if
you can help me….I really want to find him…


So after about a month I finally got the flip top in, everything works,
and we now have a bunch of new games, playing super mario world on ps2
is awesome. Whee, GTA:SA is also fun. Katamari Damacy is awesome but
after a bit give you a head ache. I’m really happy with it, Think
Anthony is too.

The family guy movie, is awesome, and I saw it, before it came out. Yay

I think that’s all, COMMENT IF YOU ❤ ME!!

Know what sucks? Not being able to sleep when you REALLY want to. I’m
tired right now, and I want to sleep, but I can’t. Know what else
sucks? Having to sleep on the floor. Bleh. Oh well, pleanty of time to
sleep when your dead I suppose. I just hate that It’s hard to sleep in
certain places, especially when I don’t really have anyone to hang with
when I can’t. So alienation also sucks.

Know what doesn’t suck? Dr pepper. It tastes yummy.

I’m gonna go do….Probably nothing now….

Isn’t this the best thing ever?

I love it!
You can see all of the ones made for me so far there.

So Jessies moving back, yay!

I’ve seen an assload of movies since I’ve moved in here.

Yesterday Anthony and I were officially together five months.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
is now classified in my book as crack, pure crack, damn is it good! Cliffhangers kill me! <3!!!!

Also, I made a really cute wallpaper everyone should look at and use!

EDIT: Okay so I made two, the second one i’m currently using.

So yeah I’m having people make signature images for me, and they are really cute, one I just HAD to show off. It’s adorable.

This one is pretty cool too.

This one was pretty damn funny. Yay neopets, Yay poogles

So yeah, my mom moved to Texas, I don’t know when i’ll ever get to see
her again, that sucked. She took Anthony and I out to dinner though,
and gave me a few graduation presents.

I miss her.

Went to John and Scott’s with Anthony this weekend, was alot of fun.
Saw Michelle for more than like five minutes, and saw the best
commercial in the world, for FF4 from Japan.

Not much going on so I suppose I’ll end it here.

been having some life things to deal with lately, makes me realize that
i’m actually an adult now and need to learn how to be one, I’m in a bit
of a rut
lately, really wanting to get a job but some things are keeping me from
it. All I have to do is go an apply pretty much and i’ll have the job,
I think,
but i’m waiting on other people to get things sorted out, plus being
around the house all day is making me crazy, and i’m trying to deal
with being in a good relationship with a guy for once. I don’t seem to
know how to handle that heh. I just can’t help feeling like i’m not
doing enough sometimes. Maybe i’m just being stupid, but I’m just not
sure what the hell to do anymore. Things have gotten better though, so
I think i’ll just kinda go with it.

I went back for the one week appt. with my contacts, turns out for the
first time in my life i’ve got the same vision in both eyes. Means I
only HAVE to buy one box at a time. It’s nice to be able to do that.
Also good because I have a limited amount of funds. I finished Shadow
Hearts, I’m on to two, which is much better in my opinion. I like it
alot. Saw War of the Worlds with Anthony, very good movie, I really
liked it, very strange ending, you should see it if you get a
chance,….Yes, you. I kinda wanna read the book now.

Anyhow, guess that’s it for me.