Uhm…Okay I don’t have premium yet my entry box looks premium? WTF?
Anyone else get this?

Day two, Still no word.

*anime sweat drop*

*waits some more*


I’m so freaking nervous. I hope they call me back. The application was
easy. I typed a little slower because I put on nails to look pretty. 43
WPM 5 errors. Not bad. I hope I get it…..For now i’ll just stay calm,
listen to some music, maybe play some Harvest Moon. Anthony got me
Harvest Moon: A wonderful life. First gamecube game i’ve ever played.

Everyone should get Exodus from Utada Hikaru. It’s neat. (Teresa, I’m
sure you would like it. Don’t worry too much about coming here, don’t
want it to stress you out, we’ll see eachother eventually)

“I’m listening to a music never ending

My baby don’t you know I’ll never let you down

You’ve opened me to so many different endings

But baby I know that you’ll always be around

Through mountains high and valleys low

The ocean, through the desert, snow

We’ll say goodbye to the friends we know

This is our Exodus ’04”

Day after tomarrow I go in to try and get a job at ADT, i’ll probably
start out on nights, easier on everyone involved, plus it’s 1.50 an
hour extra if I work nights.

I’m so freaking nervous, and happy. If I get on and work alot of
overtime it’s possible to take home (after taxes) 1400 every pay period
(every two weeks) that’s 2800 a month. Woot.

Sexy little apartment here we come damnit!

EDIT: So yeah, Anthony ran across some guy who’s like the best rapper i’ve ever heard, so now he’s my listening.

I realized last night that the best days of my life will be when I’m in
this new apartment with Anthony. To be there with him, in our own place,
with our things surrounding us. I can’t wait for that feeling. To have
him walk in the apartment after being out, to come in to me cooking
dinner for us, have him come up behind me and put his arms around me,
maybe kiss me on the cheek. My heart flutters in preperation for such

So new layout, I have a new polarchuck background so i’ll probably
ressurect him next layout. I love this one, the pic is my wallpaper
right now too. The quote was found online it’s by a woman named Amy
Tan. The website title “Love never fails” Is from the bible, the famous
love verse, I Corinthians 13: 4-8.

Richelle, I feel bad, you said you wanted purple and moody and the one
I came up with for myself is purple and moody lol. I’ll keep looking
around trying to find stuff for your like I have been though, How do
you feel about flowers? I could see yours with a gorgeous purple flower
at the top with a black background and some text, thoughts?

So Monday I go in to apply at ADT, everyone wish me luck and send me
positive energy or pray for me, or whatever it is that you choose to
do, just do it!! lol I want this job!

Oh and random recognition, Teresa, I ❤ you.
of course ❤ Anthony too, but that’s at the top of my xanga now, so everyone know!!

EDIT: I just realized I understood a full sentance from that song (colors, completely in Japanese)

Ima no watashi wa anata no shiranai iro.
I had to look up shiranai but other than that I got that whole
sentance, and I understood kasa. I should really crack down and
study this stuff.

So yeah, I was really scared about the apt., given the fact that i’m
not 21 and have no credit, I was really worried. After some searching,
and advice from Jared ( thanks man.) I called up to a complex I
really want to get into, and asked their policies and such. Not only
did they say that it was okay I didn’t have credit, and all they needed
was two months of rent up front, with the deposit and application fee,
they said If I moved in in the next month they would give me a 250
dollar gift certificate to walmart. Damn I wish I could do it now lol.
I’ve gotta get the money together once I get on somewhere, then it
should be fine. Getting utilities shouldn’t be a problem once I get the
place, so everything so far is falling into place, now I just need the
job to come through, and it’s all a matter of waiting. I’ve been told
that it should be a peice of cake for me to get hired there.

Yes!! tehe

I’m also trying to get a walmart visa, so I can build a bit of credit if possible before I get in, increase my chances. Ya know?

❤ Polar chucks, but thinking of changing this layout, I think I’ve been bright long enough.


THE best sig set in the entire world. Ever.<3

Shouldn’t be long now. One day i’m gonna take a vacation and I wanna go on a really fun trip because I never have….


Also I type about 50-55 WPM on average with no mistakes.