So yeah, sad day for me. I was sitting around talking to Monica a girl
I work with, and we were listening to my ringtones, a couple of which
are postal service MP3’s, and all the sudden the two like, dykeish
girls from my work that are all trendy emo pipe up and are like
“ZOMG!!! POSTAL SERVICE!!!” I about cried, damnit lol. Work’s alright I
suppose, TO is still a moron, I was done at 5:10, so I sat around till
midnight doing nothing but reading a webcomic turned book/manga called
megatokyo, you guys should check it out, they do it on their website,
but it has a huge backstory, so you should read the books too.

Work sucks up so much of your life, Teresa, I’ve been meaning to email
you and i’ll probably get to it this weekend, I’ve just been so busy
and wrapped up in stuff I haven’t had time to sit down and make a full
excursion, ya know?

❤ you all, tis all for now.

EDIT: Click this link or don’t because it dosen’t work, which sucks because it was funny, and I didn’t save it.



So, went out this weekend and hung out at John’s which was pretty
sweet.Cleaned up the kitchen at the pad with Richelle, was actually
fun, I like to clean now….So….moving on…I realized I don’t see
Matt near enough. I’ve only hung out with
him like, 3 times, ever. Of course played Tekken, and actually won, and
Matt, I may have given your kuma and panda good matches, but for the
love of christ they’re kuma and panda…..that’s nothing to be proud
of. lol. Went and saw him do stand up, was great, there were some good
acts and I think Matt got short changed, but it was still awesome,
specially going to a comedy club for the first time.

So I bragged about my DDR friends at work today lol. This girl at work
plays and she isn’t all that great, and I told her I know the guy who
runs the tournaments around here and that I know the people who usually
win lol. She was amazed. It was cool to brag about having you guys as
friends. Works kinda slow because our trainer is a moron. It’s okay
though, only three more weeks with him, then i’ll be on the floor
taking calls.

Not much else going on. Other than the fact that Anthony is the best
boyfriend in the entire world. Pretty much always has been and always
will be.
I love you Anthony and thank you for being a good friend and a faithful and wonderful boyfriend, you win.

For random love, ❤ Teresa.

EDIT: I started noticing that it sounds faster when I type now and I
was wondering if my speed or accuracy has gone up since I started
working. My accuracy has gone up from usually 8 errors to 4, and my
speed has gone from 50 WPM to 62 WPM. WOW.

So we won’t start doing anything that has to do with our actual job
until Thursday, We might get to some of it tonight. That’s when the
real fun begins. So far I’ve learned alot about the company though, and
things that we get for working there. Like even though I hate dells,
you get 50% off of a dell computer. Even though I’m not a fan of sprint
you get a discount on their long distance and cellular service, 8%.
Sprint, even though it merged with Nextel, will not change the name, it
will stay Sprint. It will take until 2007 for the business side of the
two companies to be merged, and it will take until 2010 for the
networks to be fully merged. We also practiced opening and closing
calls. Where I will have to say “Thank you for calling Sprint together
with Nextel, where our customers come first, My name is Shari, How can
I help you today?” And when closing I have to say “Thank you again for
chosing Sprint, have a great day.”



That symbol, comes from old Sprint commercials, remeber the pin drop? Sure you do….That’s the tracers on the bounce back.

So yeah, I want it to be Thursday. lol

You guys are rubbing off on me too much too. My TO said something funny
today and I looked him straight in the face and said LOL, he was
confused. I didn’t even think about it lol.

So we did what I suppose you would call orientation today, basically
they layed down ground rules, explained bonuses and benefits to us,
401k plans and such.

God I love this place.

I love the people, I love the enviornment. The people who will be my immediate bosses are great as well as everyone else.

As far as weather or not I will like my job. Formal training starts tomorrow. Full report then.