Wow it really sucks how much taxes they can take out of your check.
Bleh. Oh well, it’s okay. Just want to have my own apartment already.
It takes to long to save up money lol. I need so much. Bleh. Hopefully
I can get it. It probably won’t be when I wanted it though. Fuck.


So yeah, I’ve been on the job three days and and i’ve already gotten
two complimentary calls, which are calls to comend my services from
customers. I put in for overtime Saturday, so i’m gonna come home
friday night at midnight, get some rest and turn around and be back at
work by eight, then i’ll work till four thirty, and then I can go out
that night if I feel the urdge or if Anthony does, i’m going to be
tired as hell, but you know what, they’re paying me 13.75 an hour to do
it, so I don’t care. I got 5 dollar GC to target for the comp calls,
and i’ve gotten 40 dollars worth of gas from the company

Not much else going on, just hanging out, I work mostly so that’s about all i’ve got to talk about. Wow i’m boring.

So I was on hold with another department today and it said “Based on
current call volume we predict that your wait time will be less than
three (<3) minutes” I almost rofled.



So I started taking calls yesterday. Spooky. For the first half I was
botching things left and right. After lunch I came back and I did fine.
I was barreling away, doing exactly what I needed to do. I changed
someones phone so it had her old number (was a replacement phone), gave
a guy a courtesy credit because he didn’t get the one we were giving
out for hurricane Katrina victims, and helped some people with their
bills. I even handled an escalated call, and didn’t tell the guy to
FUCK OFF like I wanted to. I just continued to flip off the screen,
even though that does nothing. Still. It made me feel better. Some
people are real assholes. He asked me for his monthly charges on his
line (how much he has to pay each month.) So I told him, he was like
NOOO I WANT THE MONTHLY CHARGES…I continued to tell him that the
monthly charges were 85 dollars on the one line. He was like NOOOO, YOU
DON’T UNDERSTAND!! So I said, sir are you wanting the price of your
plan? NNOOOO I WANT MY MONTHLY CHARGES!! I’m gonna go check on the
internet, you don’t know what you’re doing. So he pulls up the web, and
sees that the monthly fee for his plan is 40 dollars. I apologized for
misunderstanding his question and went on.

We double jacked with people in the sense that we had someone with
another headseat listening to our calls giving us advice, My guy was an
IDIOT, and needs to be fired.

That’s all I have to say about that…..

Later guys.


P.S. I see how much you guys love me, only FIVE people remember anything about me? Pfft..

If you read this
you must post a memory of us
it can be anything you want
it can be good or bad
just so long as it happened.

(ty Teresa, BTW.)

Done this before, last time I got a “I’ll tell you one later” from the
guy who is now my boyfriend. LOL. Do it you guys, I feel unloved!

I found out that in one week I will be in full production on the floor
doing my job. Which is scary, but it’s cool. I’m glad, when I get out
there my pay rate goes up a dollar. That’ll be sweet. I’m already
making more than my mom was at a job she was at for like, five years.
That’s kinda cool. I started carting my cd player to work for the down
time and have been listening to music i’ve never heard before. Or
havent heard much of and I’ve realized that I like bands I didn’t know
I liked. Metallica is a big one, I used to hate them, stupid reason,
but I did. But one of the one’s I really like, I’ve listened to two of
their cds, Chevelle. They’re really cool. I like them a lot. I noticed
on one of their cd’s, the second one, they have a song that pertains to
God, and then directly after that, one that pertains to the devil.
Found that interesting. Not much else to say other than man do I need a
break from work. lol.