Ride the walrus. ;-)

So yeah, I have a little rant, see, i’ve been telling Anthony for
around six months now that he should update his xanga, all I get
anymore is maybe, and it seems as though others want some news on him
as well, so, I decided that it would be best if I did the trendy xanga
thing and made a blogring reflecting this fact. So if you agree that
Anthony dosen’t post near enough, join the ring.

Anthony should update

C’mon, you know you want to.

EDIT: OKAY….the point was to get people to join the ring so we could
get Anthony to update, so far the only thing that’s happened is my
sister joined….jeesus people. Thought I was more popular than that!

And Anthony, it’s gotten to the point that JARED updates more than you do man…..JARED. That’s pathetic baby.

Love you!


So, be trendy, join the ring. And leave me lots of loserish comments.

Edit: So I had a customer with a
really cool name today, her name was C Teresa Pham. Which I thought was
the coolest thing ever.

So, I got my hair cut this weekend, I
think it looks slightly emo, Anthony says i’m too pretty for it to be
emo. I though I’d ask you, the public what you think. LOL, or else i’m
just trying to show off my new hair, vote if you like.

Also, Happy Halloween because I won’t be around tomarrow to say it. I work.