So the pictures for our Anniversary

This is the apartment complex…..

The bottom one by where Anthony is standing with the bush by the window. That shall be our apartment.

Isn’t it beautiful? That’s what I’m going off of for the kitchen colors.

I love my life right now. I am so happy….WEE!


Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me and Anthony, we started out the day at midnight
by drinking some champagne together, then after some rest and shopping,
we went out to a place called Hibachi on the plaza, had a wonderful
meal, took lots of pictures to be posted at a later date. Then we went
to starbucks on the way out and had coffee and some brownies. Now we’re
home and it’s time for me to go snuggle and create the perfect end to
the perfect evening.

Here is to the wonderful year we spent together, and to the many more
in the future we shall have. I love you Anthony Wolters, I have since
the day we met, and I belive I always will.


So we went into the complex today, filled out all the paperwork, we
have this weird way of verifying employment at work, we have to use an
outside service, the complex won’t use it, said they needed a pay stub.
I get direct deposit, we don’t get pay stubs. My managers cannot verify
employment. That was a toughie. I ended up going into the office on my
day off to print out a paystub, I printed serveral, should take care of
any utilites and such. That was all at 10 am. I left there about
12, at 5:11 I got a call saying I was approved for the apartment.

I get to go pick up the keys after 3:00 pm on April 10th.

I already got most everything for the bathroom. My only issue is a
washer dryer. You can rent one from the complex, or buy one for
yourself. It’s 800 for a washer/dryer stack. PFFFT.

I’m really happy though. I love it. It’s the most beautiful Apartment
I’ve ever seen. I think Anthony and I will be very  happy there.

I am full of excitment right now. I
will be going into the apartment complex tomarrow, and hopefully
walking out with a lease for move in date of April 1st

Hello dream kitchen I shall whore you out so fucking bad soon!!!! RAWWWR!

So gorgeous. I’m going to love it so much.

So for the first time since I started at Citi I had to use unplanned
time. I am so mad. I had a really bad athsma attack/Lung spasm last
night. I’m gonna go to the doctor soon and get myself checked out. I
probably should have been taking my advair for the last year, but I
didn’t have insurance so it took low seed on my list of things. So I’ll
be getting myself to a doctor very soon. My chest is still hurting me
but not so bad. It’s just tender to breath sometimes.

Probably going out to ameristar tomarrow. I want to try to play some
ITG, little scared with my lungs and all, but I still want to try. I
don’t get a chance very often. Anyhow.I guess I’m off, just felt like
posting about this….Needed a place to let it out. I’ve been scared
about it, plus seeing Anthony as scared as he was made it worse. But I
think I’ll be okay.



Amazing what a year or more can do to two people isn’t it?

Or to one for that matter…..Crazyness

I got new glasses finally BTW they are very cute. I might as well be in
a friggin fish bowl right now though, god are they hard to get used to.
No biggie, Dunno if I’ll wear them to work or not, was thinking about
it, help get used to them, show em off, they were damn expensive.
Especially for something that’s supposed to be a backup!

bah, anyway. I think I’ll go now.

BTW I know no one else cares, but i’m up to 557,283.16 ABS total so far. That’s a happy thing.

I don’t know how much longer I shall keep this xanga look, it’s cute
but I want something better. I’m changing my profile pic to a pic of me
in a min. Dunno what one I’ll use, but I am.

That moogle always cheers me up.

So February release at work makes my head hurt, the start of call
window disappeared and the RFD’s got lowered by alot, they took away
ones we need. I made a suggestion through a form that they should put a
preview of the perm note on the dialer screen so we will know weather
or not to ask for a jr or not things like that. I thought it was a good
idea…..My abs was sitting at 20,225.69 per hour as of yesterday I
think I’ve gotten an abs total of like 400 some odd thousand…..

I just realized, like NONE of you have ANY idea what the hell I am talking about……LOL

I’m just not feeling good right now. want it to be Thursday so i can
have a break from work. I work so hard….Takes alot out of you.

Jared. Let me know when you might be free next week, I want to do that
one thing we talked about for Anthony for our Anniversary. Get with me
and let me know. You have my cell I put it in your phone

Anyway. I shall talk to you all later