Kingdom Hearts 2 owns. ❤


 So stitches suck, i’m typing one handed right now. I cannot use my right arm. I’m in pretty terrible pain right now. Anthony has been a dear. He’s been taking great care of me. I don’t ever want to have stitches again, might have to though. For those of you who don’t know i had to have a mole removed, they had to leave a tiny bit, if it’s cancerous they will have to remove the rest. It’s like right below my underarm to, so when I move my arm it feels like the skin is going to tear. Ouchies indeed. bleh….
Incase you missed it in my earlier post, less than two weeks now. Once we get everything set up in the apartment I shall start posting pictures. I cannot wait. I am so lucky to get to move in with someone I love so much. ❤

This weekend was fun, I’m getting better at itg which is sweet. 400 days with Anthony, I think that is all for now,….


So I get on Xanga this morning and there is a citi ad. Apparently they’re advertising the college classic cards on here. That is pretty funny, kinda cool too. So Anthony takes his GED today and tomarrow, so everyone wish him luck alright?
I ❤ ITG, I played alot the other day at ameristar, dark ressurection is pretty cool too. I ❤ Asuka’s new moves, they’re neat looking. I am going to have Anthony start training me at Tekken. So look out guys

So some guy decided it would be cool to do a scuplture of britney spears…..

And from the back it’s a flattering image of her crowning her newborn son sean preston……yelch, that’s nasty….

and I leave you with that image….



So in the spirit of counting down to thing I made a clock for getting into the apartment. Yay for that.

Oh how far the two of us have come…

I love you Anthony. Thank you for being the first one to treat me right and not take me for granted. Thank you for treating me like a good person, and for loving me. You make my life whole.

So April 29th through May 7th I’m heading out to Texas to visit my dear old grandparents and my mother. I miss them very much. I haven’t seen them in a long time, my grandparents especially. I hope they love Anthony as much as I do. I realized last night that so many things are just coming together for me. My whole life is falling into place. I’ve got a great job, with great benefits, and great opportunities to bonus, I’m going to have a great apartment, with a great boyfriend who makes me feel wonderful. I just like my life, the only thing that makes it hard is stressing about money, but I do that far to much anyway. New layout soon.

Being in the hospital sucks, having to have an ambulance come get you from work is even worse.

I had a pretty bad Athsma attack at work, they put me on Singular, it’s an oral steriod, and the doctor said he wants me to talk to my primary doctor about getting on a nebulizer. Bleh….

Not much else, I broke two million in February at work. I’m proud, sure no one else cares but it’s a big accomplishment for me.