My food owns your faec!



So I swear the only thing in this life that makes me strong is Anthony. I can’t belive I have someone that has so much faith in me.

Anthony, you are my life. Thank you….so much…for being my light.


So I was watching pride and prejudice, and this quote came up, while a guy was proposing

“Elizabeth, we’ve been commanded to multiply and replenish the earth”


So time warner has a section in their guide where you can look at unrated movies, wow, these are some of the funniest things I’VE EVER SEEN. lol

Taco Shop – Young women feed their cravings
Road Sex: Asphalt Assets
Drive Thru – Lovely women provide service with a smile
Weenie Boppers
My First Brotha – Lusty beauties enjoy chocolate treats

This shall be my last transmission for a while. We move in today, no word yet on when Jared’s party at our place will be, Expect some time soon though. Wish us luck, and come visit us when we move in. ❤ you all.

Transmission over…