So I started watching some more anime last night. Me and Anthony started watching Shuffle and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Up to episode 4 on Shuffle and 2 on Eva. Eva is just blowing my fucking mind I don’t even know what to think right now lol. Shuffle is awesome, it’s so funny and crazy.

So Kevin Smiths production company thought it would be cool to say hey, the first 10,000 people to add our my space get to be in the ending credits of Clerks 2, only they didn’t tell anyone what the myspace is or when the contest starts. Fun stuff. So I think I found it, maybe, maybe not. If I did find the right one then perhaps I shall be one of the lucky ones

Work tonight and tomarrow, working on getting someone to work for me on sunday.

Not much else going on.



So I just finished Fate Stay Night……

Dear god I have never seen something so amazing in my life. That is hands down the best anime I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful and I loved it.

I’ve realized as of late that anime will forever more be a constant in my life. I can’t imagine my life without it, and from now on i’m going to dive deeper into it, and start watching more. The experience is like nothing else, I feel more emotion and connection with characters watching anime than with anything. It’s literally changed my life and I’m glad that it has.

I know it might sound weird to some but it’s just something in my heart that I’ll never forget the characters and the stories. It’s brought me so much happiness as well as sadness in a way i’ve never felt before and I love it.

So I say to Anthony, Jared, and John, and anyone else who helped it become a part of my life. Thank you. It might sound crazy but you’ve introduced me to something I’ll never forget.



Jared, this is for you incase you wanted something different than the one I made for myself. If you don’t like it lemme know and I can make something else.

So I got my first AAA’s today, only on fingers, but still, fuck that, I finally did it, which leads me to belive that I probably could on my feet.

Against All Odds – 4x – 95.50

Look to the Sky – 4x – 97.73

Young Forever – 4x – I missed the score because I didn’t get a screen shot. Thought I did, but apparently not.

W00t for me. I have AAA’s now ;-D

I also made a really sweet wallpaper

If you click it you’ll see the full one. ;-D

That is all for now,


This weekend has been a very efficient weekend. I’m in a very good mood right now. I don’t know what it’s been, probably a contribution of alot of things, but this last week has been a constant spew of good moods. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. That’s pretty fucking sweet. and with that, I will leave you.

EDIT: So I was at walmart picking up a few things, and I suddenly realized that I left my debit card at Applebees when I paid for dinner…..that…is not cool. Hopefully it’s still there tomarrow and I’m not broke…

On another note I got the coolest thing I’ve ever seen at walmart.

Picture 029

It’s tiny, like…all small and cutsie. tehe

❤ you all.


EDIT: So I decided to be trendy and actually somewhat use the myspace I’ve had for fucking ever, It’s here

So this weekend was pretty sweet. Went over to the pad on saturday and just hung out, got exposed to some old nes games i’ve never seen before.

I finished Kannazuki No Miko on Sunday, It’s really cool to wake up and just watch anime over there. Then Jared, John, Anthony, and I went out to vintage stock, got more games for nes. Then we drove out to Mo Iikai, it was closed…..Father’s day. That made me very sad. We came back and I actually played some ddr. Didn’t do too terribly bad, just almost died from lack of air, lol. Brian came over and stayed the night too. That was pretty sweet.

All in all a pretty fun weekend.

I’m very happy right now. I’m really looking forward to a lot of things in my life right now. Plus I’ve got plenty of people around me to make me feel much better when I just feel like shit. I realized that last night and I’m so greatful for it.

Anyone who has been here for me recently, Jared, John, Richelle, anyone, I want you to know I GREATLY appriciate it and  you all have really helped me.
I guess the reason I’m kind of feeling this way is because I found out yesterday that my mom was in a pretty bad accident while in an ambulance, she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and got slammed into the side of the ambulance, she’s okay, really badly bruised, but okay. In this I wasn’t sure weather to be sympathetic, or upset, because it was a bad accident, but it could have been avoided if she had her belt on. Anyway, it’s just made me realize once again that I have some really great friends around me, despite how my family is.

I think that’s all for now.


So tonight I had my food running shift. It was awesome. I’ve never in my life felt so satisfied by doing a job. I’m exhausted, my feet hurt, and I have burns on my hands from handling baked potatoes all night. We ran out of ice cream, prime rib, and potatoes, at like 7:30……That was fun. I work with a guy named Anthony, and he is new, he started with me, he’s an idiot….He was putting mayo on the baked potatoes…..said he thought it was butter, we corrected him. He kept doing it. Then he disappeared and left me to do everything. So from about 7:30 on I was doing everything we were both supposed to be doing. Plus this new guy in the kitchen Ryan is a real prick. If he dosen’t like you he won’t drop your food which is shit.

All that aside, it was the most fulfulling day of work I’ve done in my life. Hands down. I love it. I love the smile I put on peoples faces when I do that little bit of extra for them. It’s awesome. I think I will adore being a server. Not only that but the restaurant feels so much like a family, everyone is so awesome, they are very cool. It really felt awesome to have everyone come up to me at the end of the night and say “You did great!, you were awesome! you did such a wonderful job!” and then to have my manager pat me on the back and say “You did a great job girl!” was just amazing. I felt such a wonderful sense of pride. I never thought I could feel this good and fulfilled by a job…

Not only that but I get full benefits, and if I stay for a year I get a 401k with them. How many restaurants have that?

Anyhow, I think I am done now, I’m sure i’m just going on and on, I’m just happy.

Hopefully cool things will take place this weekend since I have it off.