So my dad gave me a computer, it’s a real nice hp pavillion, I still need a monitor, it has a 70 gig hard drive in it and he had a dvr box just sitting around and let me take the HD out of it, it’s another 120 gig, so that’s going to be pretty fucking sweet. He also bought me a brand new printer.

It’s an all in one, scanner, copier, printer. Isn’t it pretty?
We all went to Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse and I met my future step brother Jackson, he’s really sweet. Good kid, after dinner he came up to me and said “Shari, welcome to the family” I came real close to crying, just gave him a hug and composed myself, I really like Rachele too, she’s an amazing woman and has a wonderful personality. Everything feels really wonderful about being around all of them.

That’s all for now



Bleh, So i’ve had this problem since I was younger, where my ear will just clog up basically and I won’t be able to hear out of it for a few days, happened today for the first time in about a year and half, stupid thing. So now I’m temporarily deaf in my left ear.

Teresa will be coming down I belive Tuesday and her and her friend are going to be staying here if all goes as planned, so looking forward to that. It’ll be nice to have some company and to get to see her again finally.

Not much else to say, later guys.


Got a hair cut, little shorter than I wanted, but still cool.

EDIT: So I decided something for sure today, I want a tattoo, I’ve decided where, haven’t decided what, I want it on the middle part of my back below my neck. I want something to be symbolic of myself, my life, and my personality. I’ve found a few things and when I decide what exactly I’ll show you guys.

I wish so much that people could just be open and upfront about things. I fucking hate people that are avoidant. It just makes me feel like shit, and like I’ve fucked up. This is just a random rant but you know. I’m so fucking alone right now it’s retarded. I’m just glad my dad came back into my life and I still have Anthony around or else no one would be there for me. Fucking figures I guess. I’m just tired of bullshit. Really fucking tired.



Edit: So I was going through my blog looking at old posts, and I ran across one I found ironic

I love him in a way that is spesific to us. I’ve never felt quite like
this before. I almost feel like it should end. Like one small word
could break it apart like a glass. But I know it’s not that way. It’s
much stronger than that. “

close to the end someone, he knows who, made a metaphor about a glass in regards to me an Anthony, I just found it interesting that I used that.

So I found a tutorial online that shows you how to shop yourself like they do celebs. So I did it. This is the result, click for larger.

I think that’s awesome.


I am in awe of this, there is a black baseball player…and his name is,

Coco crisp,…Holy freaking god.