Gah, my head.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one bad side to all this change. BLAH, It’s so much work!! I haven’t been on the internet in like, 2 or 3 days! That’s new for me. I don’t have a whole lot of down time, aside from when I’m about to go to bed. Lord. Anywho, just felt like making a new post, Keep those comments coming!



So excited for the chiefs game tonight, woohoo.

Also, I’ll give a cookie to the first person who can give me the right answer to what P.S. stands for.


New Friend

So I think that I am going to get a bunny. I think a pet of my own will be good for me. Something for me to focus on and take care of, it would be really nice to go with all the new things in my life. It’s going to be a little bit because I need to cage and all that. But I’m excited. I’m finally settling down into my new life. Going to a chiefs game with Anthony Thrusday, a friend of my dad’s has season tickets and let me have a pair. It’s gonna be fun. It’s so weird not having him around all the time. I’m so used to waking up with him there, and now I don’t. I think we’re better as just friends rather than roomates though. Love that guy to death. He’s really been there for me lately. A lot of things have been going on, real tough things, and he’s really helped me pull through and be strong. Thanks Anthony.

My room is starting to look like a bedroom. I’m starting to feel at home. You know, no matter where i’ve lived in the past 5 years it hasn’t felt like home. It does here, to be surrounded by family like I never have before is amazing for me. I’m so very thankful for the love they have given me.

Hoping to start school the beginning of the year. As far as work, Chele is probably going to have a job, and until I can drive, i’m probably going to start out babysitting Jackson for a bit, then working at the grocery store or gas station. Not too bad I think. Things are really turning around for me. It’s been quite a ride for me recently, but everything is settling down, I guess it always does, I just always feel helpless and overwhelmed in the moment. Having my dad to encourage me, and Anthony to talk to, has really helped me. I just feel happy about the future.

Not much else to say I guess,


Wedding bells

Picture 006

So Rachele and my dad got married today. It was really a beautiful ceremony, very heartfelt and loving. You could really tell how much they care about eachother. I think that it was really important to them to have Jackson and I there because they did something I’ve never seen in a wedding before. The woman who preformed the ceremony started talking about marriage not just being a joining of individuals but a joining of family as well, and stressed how important family is. Then she pulled out these bags and said that Dad and Rachele wanted to give us something as well.


It’s a medallion that has three circles overlapping, two to symbolize the union of marriage, and then one more to symbolize me and my joining into the circle, it’s for occasions like expanding families because of remarriage. It says “The family medallion is a symbol that says “You are respected and loved, endowed with dignity, and worthy of being cared for” and they presented Jackson and I with these during the ceremony and then had us all hold hands in a circle together. It was absolutely beautiful. Chele looked like and angel in her dress and dad looked very handsome. Anthony even dressed up for the occasion. I really enjoyed being a part of it. It was nice to go to a wedding too, never been to one before, don’t think anything could top it. And yes, I cried.

well, that’s all for the moment, i’ll type more later, i’m exhausted right now.


So the first pic is my grandfather, and my little brother, the second is my dad.

I’m so lucky

EDIT: So Haley Joel Osment got into an accident and totaled his car, he had a BAC of .15, and he had pot on him he ran into a pole…..

The kid from the sixth sense crashed his car because he was to drunk and blazed to drive…HAHAHA.


So Hanson has started this really cool thing, they’re trying a joint venture with the guy that did the documentary on them, they are trying to get independent bands exposure, and are trying to take back the music industry by way of fans. I can’t really explain it, if you wanna know more, and you should because it’s fucking awesome, go to this site. It’s really impactful, and awesome. If you care about music and hate the crap on the radio, go there.

EDIT: I don’t know why but I keep having this random urdges to cry today. Alot. I feel very sad right now, and I can’t really pinpoint why. I have been going over alot of old photos and things. Just thinking about my life. I feel very sad about alot of it. I feel very….I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s just hurt right now. I don’t know why. It’s just lingering there for the moment…I don’t know why, or what kind of hurt it is. It just is…

Sorry for teh emo.