I had fun this weekend, alot of it. Thanks for taking me out Anthony, and thanks for having me over John. I really needed the time away.

Be a bit more glad when we move closer to the city again.

and on a completely unrealated note people that put me down and say bad things about me that aren’t true can kiss my ass.

Not much else to say right now I guess.



THE INTERNET IS BACK UP FINALLY! We’ve been having issues with it lately and they finally got it fixed. *hugs intarweb* I missed you!! lol



So no lisence, I suck. Bleh, Fail. I didn’t do too bad though, considering I’ve practiced about a whole 4 or 5 hours in the last 2 years. Just a few small things.  That and I have no idea how to parellel park lol. I tried! I was also nervous as shit, which caused me to screw up even more. I’m gonna try and practice some more this weekend, and try either next week or the week after.

Thanks for taking me Anthony. And not just to the driving test, up to see my dad too. I really appriciate it. Haven’t heard anything new yet, Chele didn’t wake me up to go with her.

Anywho. Guess that’s it,



Off to college!

So I went to Park University last week, turns out my ged score was 50 points away from getting me a full ride scholarship. I needed a 3200, I had a 3150. I may be able to retake the GED though. I signed up so that on Wednesday I take the ACT , I need to get a 26 or better and if I do that, with my 3150 they pay half my college. So i’ll be starting fall next year as a fulltime student during the day, going for my Bachelor’s in Interior Design.

Monday I’m going with Anthony and i’m gonna try to get my lisence in his car. Hopefully I’ll get it.

I’m working really hard lately. I’m looking at, once I can drive getting a job as well as watching my little brother during the week. Plus my stepmom goes back to work on the 18th. So after she gets out of training, they’re gonna need me to pick him up from school, and take him to see his dad on the weekends. So, alot to prepare for.

Sucks, i’m not feeling that great and I have had very little time to prepare for this test. Deadline for all that is May 1st though. I would start in August. So shortly after I turn twenty, i’m going to embark on a journey through college wish me luck everyone! I’m so freaking excited.

Not much else I suppose.



Yay for workouts! lol

So I helped my dad mow the lawn yesterday, we’re gonna finish it today, he has an acre lot, fun fun. Honestly, it was pretty cool, I’ve never done that before. The riding lawn mower is broken so we had to use a push mower.

I made enchilada’s last night, pretty big hit around here, haven’t been here long and I’ve already made it twice! hehe. It’s nice to have people to cook for again. I really enjoy cooking.

I’m excited for college, but man what an undertaking, pretty sure i’m gonna have to take the sat and act first, I didn’t have to take those in school. BAH. I don’t like standardized testing! I’m sure i’ll do fine, just don’t wanna! lol.

Had tons of fun at the cheifs game, it was pretty sweet. Me and Anthony had a good time, then we came back and watched Memoirs of a Geisha.

Friday I went to a scrapbooking party with Chele, I had so much fun, we ordered a kit for me. I’m excited.

Halloween is going to be cool, I’m going to be going around with Jackson so I’m going to dress up, I want to be a Geisha, and Chele is a good seamstress so we looked at some patterns for the costumes and found some really cool ones, we’ll just have to see, I think it takes like 14 yards of fabric so dunno if we can do that or not.

Anyhow, guess not much else is going on,