So today I rode the bus to the plaza, I got there an hour early, so I stopped at Starbucks, got a carmel machiatto, my lighter ran out of fluid so i had to go to a bar to get a match book. I find it hilarious that it was packed at 11 in the morning lol, people down there start early i suppose. So I walked around the plaza with my coffee and my cigarette, and honestly? I don’t think I’ve ever realized how pretty the plaza is. It was nice to just walk around and browse the shops. I did remember what I don’t like about the plaza though lol I was on the phone with my dad and this panderer goes “I’m trying to raise a downpayment on a cheeseburger could you help me out?” lol, i gave him a weird look and kept walking, but later i came back and gave him 50 cents, it was worth it. That line was hilarious and probably the most original i’ve heard ever. So I went to my thearapy session and it went great. I honestly felt great aftward. The best i’ve ever felt. So I went and grabbed some Mcdonalds and headed back to get on the next bus. At my tranfer stop a man promptly tried to sell me a knife. That was nice. lol. He also bummed a cigarette from me which he then sold to a guy for a 40 cent bus pass. Then when i got to the next stop for the last bus to get home it said it wasn’t going to come for another 45 mins, and then i noticed i was like, a half mile from home. So i just walked. So I probably walked about 2.5 miles total today. It felt kinda good. However. When i got home today, i realized my computer was broken. Sooo….I’m on my dad’s laptop for the time being. That’s….gay. I might be able to fix my computer tomorrow not sure though.

That’s my novel for today.



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