It’s true, my dad can be bat-shit insane at times. But last night I had the best talk with him, it felt great to just sit down and have a talk with my dad.

So in the last few days i’ve done a few things I find noteworthy. Saturday I went to Vintage Stock and bought Duck Hunt and Resident Evil for gamecube. Resident evil is pretty awesome once you get down the controls, i would suggest never using the analog stick. It’s just an not needed, and it make it a pain in the ass to control your character. D-pad is where it’s at for me. Maybe eventually i’ll get used to the analog stick but for now. Meh.

Thanks to the aid of a borrowed GH controller I’ve gone from easy/medium to hard in just a few days. I intend to keep on this track. I am quite enjoying it, i’m starting out on GH1 and then I will move to GH2 to be ruined by the speed mod.

In addition, yesterday I went to Game stop. I got two new games randomly because they caught my eye. Both are fucking insane. I really like them. The first is Arc the Lad : Twilight of the Spirits. It’s like a tactics rpg set in old times. I’m really enjoying it, the story is great, the game is GORGEOUS. You’re character Kharg is the son of the queen under and old monarchy that’s been abolished, after hearing lots of folktales of spirits from when you were a child you begin to see them yourself. All the while you are trying to fight a race called the Demios who are out to destroy your country.

The next is called TRAPT, yes i know, lame name, but it looked neat. The pretense behind it is that you use traps like spike walls, pendulums, bear traps and the like to kill your enemies, Their deaths are absolutely HORRIBLE it’s terribly sadistic and I LOVE IT. lol. The story starts out that you are Princess Allura and you’ve been framed for your fathers murder so you start working with the devil who collects the souls that are trapped, and all the while you’re trying to save your kingdom and clear your name. It’s intense and very strategic, it’s awesome. The game is also entirely in Japanese language.

In addition to that on Saturday night I powered through almost all of Kaleido Star, finishing the last few episodes on Sunday morning. For what it was, it was really good. They put some twists and turns in there NO ONE would expect and by the end of it I was really satisfied. It was a cute little anime, I recommend this generally if you have a vagina. I doubt many guys would enjoy it. lol.

Whelp, suppose that’s all.



Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important.

I decided tonight that I can’t wait to get to college. I’m insanely excited to start my life, I’m scared but it doesn’t matter because I’m ready for it.

I waited far too long to get in, I’m almost 20 for god sakes, at least I’m doing it though. One day I’ll be a great Interior Designer, and I’ll be the happiest person alive.

For the moment. Life is good.

EDIT: I just finished watching Air. Oh my. Kay so don’t agree with John on that one, that was one hell of an anime, talk about a journey in 12 episodes. I’m impressed, Michelle, you win. ❤


EDIT: So you know what really sucks? I slammed my toe really hard into the door frame coming around the corner today, and i’m fairly certain I broke my toe. Either that or sprained it VERY VERY badly. That…is pretty gay.

Men of the world, please take this bit of advice. Do not give a girl jewlery and say “Oh yeah, it’s a real pearl” or “Oh yeah, it’s a real diamond” when it’s not. Eventually, she will find out, and when she does. Hide your balls.

Please for the love of god, either get her the real thing or JUST DON’T LIE.



So  I decided for damn sure tonight that I need to buy a guitar hero controller, and soon. So I went looking for what one I want. Oh boy did I find it.

It dosen’t click when you strum, it has up and down sensors in the neck that are much more responsive than the original controller, so you only have to tilt it or shake it for star power, the whammy bar is more responsive, and the wireless is so powerful people have played it while standing behind things and even with WALLS in the way. *dies* MUST HAVE CONTROLLER.

It will happen, soon. I don’t know how, but it will.


So it’s happened. Earlier tonight, for the first time. I logged onto WoW. lol.

I like it. It’s fun. Must be careful or I will play constantly, and well, eww, no. lol

Next week i’ll have a full membership, for now I’m a human rogue.


That is all for now.

EDIT: This weekend I decided I like my hair. So uh. Here it is for those of you who didn’t see it.


So, yeah…I got my hair cut and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it. I’m not sure. I liked it earlier, now I don’t know. Heh…perhaps this was a bad choice.

Pictures later possibly if I decide it doesn’t look like crap.