EDIT: So you know what really sucks? I slammed my toe really hard into the door frame coming around the corner today, and i’m fairly certain I broke my toe. Either that or sprained it VERY VERY badly. That…is pretty gay.

Men of the world, please take this bit of advice. Do not give a girl jewlery and say “Oh yeah, it’s a real pearl” or “Oh yeah, it’s a real diamond” when it’s not. Eventually, she will find out, and when she does. Hide your balls.

Please for the love of god, either get her the real thing or JUST DON’T LIE.




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  1. I concur!My first boyfriend gave me a silver ring with what he called sapphires and diamonds in it. It was pretty obvious that the ring was a cheap piece, and I found out exactly how cheap it was when I took a hammer to it after he started spreading rumors about me :D….I really am a psychopath, aren’t I? lol.Yay for never having to go through the idiocy of being 14 years old again.


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