Life is on a lukewarm ground right now. I’m not overly pleased, but not overly upset either. Just kinda chillin out here. I got ITG for ps2 now, and my shitty soft mats, which actually still work surprisingly well, If I mount them they’ll work fine I think. So yay for that I guess, Good for me, not for the people who live downstairs. lol. I actually got my first set of gallops today, highly shocking. I’ve never completed a gallop set in either DDR or ITG successfully. Lame I know, but I was proud. Honestly, not a whole lot has been going on recently, least, that I care to talk about or deem important by public knowledge standards. Anyhow. I suppose that’s all for now, I’m doing well on the smoking thing. That’s good I suppose. Still progressively getting better at GH. <33333333333. Not much else to say so.




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