So, I got my taxes filed. No matter what I should have a car very soon. *dies* There are two possible routes for me to take to get one, and I’m waiting to hear on one of them.

I finally set a date. February 26th I will be going to take the test that determines my future. Talk about scary. Other than that all I have left to do is get an official transcript of my GED scores and fill out the FAFSA. I started filling that out today I just need my pin number to come and I can finish it. So I’m well on my way to getting stuff taken care of. I’m really excited. Bachelor’s degree for me! lol. ❤

Not a whole lot else right now I guess. Those are some pretty big things I’d say.

Still not smoking btw. So yay for that. ❤ Although I thought about getting some sweet dreams to smoke when i’m out on the weekend. We’ll see.

So interesting thought, Stewie is a year old, He’s been addicted to Cigarettes, he’s been an alcoholic, and he’s eaten pot brownies. That’s uh. Interesting.




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  1. It’s so crazy. But so awesome that we’ll be going through the college process together. I’d love to see you girls on a regular basis. Slumber party! Haha I’m ready for it.


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