So, at this point I haven’t announced when I’m taking the drivers test because I might fail. Low and behold on the last two I did. I think trying the first time after driving 15 mins, and the second after a week of driving was a mistake. lol. This time I have much more practice, I’ve been on multiple highways and driven to multiple places, reacted just fine to getting lost and unexpectedly getting on a highway. I’ve been through pretty much every situational bit of driving possible. Tonight is the last bit, I’m driving up to Platte City to drive the driving test route. Tomorrow afternoon I take the driving test for the third time. If I fail, that is it. I’m probably going to end up in Nevada with my dad and I won’t see any of you for a long time. I won’t get to go to college or get a job. I’ll be in debt to dad for driving school. It will be a catastrophe. All the more reason why I HAVE to pass. If everything goes as it should then this week I should take ownership of my car, from there I will be job hunting all week, with any luck by next week I’ll have a job lined up.

With all that aside, in 15 days I will finally be 20 years old. No longer a teenager. That will be great. And a few days before that in 13 days I will be seeing Minus the Bear for the first time in concert. I’m extremely excited for that.

I can’t say there is a whole lot else to update. My dad moved out yesterday, he’s left a few things behind that he’ll be back for, but officially right now, I live alone. Last night was my first night with that realization. Talk about scary. Yipe.

I still don’t know my official move date. They keep changing it, for now it’s set at somewhere around the 15th or so. It really is too bad, the dorms will cost me more per year than living on my own, and hell, I won’t have to share a room and I have my own bed and stuff. The dorms at Park are severely strict. Well. I believe that is all for now, hope you all are doing well out in webland.



So, last night I had my first driving experience on the highway, on 435 from Platte City almost to the legends and back, plus a few other places. When the slowest you go is like 40-50 it makes 20-35 seem so much slower.. lol. Apparently I did well, I really feel like I should already be legal to drive, I just, haven’t gotten the proper ID for it yet. Ya know? Plans for the move are underway, I’m not moving into the same apartment I was so I have to find out from the land lord the actual day I’m moving from him on Monday. I’ve yet to start much packing but I’m getting some boxes this week. I’ve filled out an application from QT and Red X and I’m going to turn them in soon. So perhaps that will pan out. Not much else to update.

So, I finally have a bed. <3333


Also dad bought a 50 inch plasma screen as well as a surround sound system and a new DVD player. So, enjoying the living room while he still lives with me lol.



Well, few updates but some that are somwhat important.

I got my official letter from park saying HEY, WELCOME TO COLLEGE DIMWIT. I just need to get them my high school transcript. Shouldn’t be too hard. I did decently well on my ACT I would have liked to do better but meh, what are you gonna do? See previously stated dimwit comment. I got a 23. I’m alright with that. I bombed the math I know it. I suck at it, extremely bad.

I shall be moving into my own one bedroom apartment in May if all goes as planned. EDIT: So I move in May 15th. My own one bedroom apartment. <333 woo!

I’m still working on driving, gimmie a break I’m trying! lol That should be squared away very soon with any luck. In which case my car will finally be in my hands so to speak. <333

Once I get the car squared away I should have a job, if not sooner. It all depends.

One thing is for sure though. I will be in college in August. That’s a pretty damn fine thing IMHO.



So this guy IM’S me out of the blue, this is the resulting conversation.

thewizard2004jmt  5:07:42 pm
thewizard2004jmt    Buzz!! 5:08:02 pm
You are now marked as Online.
5:45:07 pm
thekupoone  5:45:53 pm
thewizard2004jmt  6:00:19 pm
hey you got a bf
thekupoone  6:00:28 pm
uhm no
do i know you?
thewizard2004jmt  6:00:49 pm
i’m jim
you want a bf
thekupoone  6:01:32 pm
how old are you?
thewizard2004jmt  6:01:37 pm
thekupoone  6:01:44 pm
that…is surprising
thewizard2004jmt  6:02:03 pm
you want to be my gf
thekupoone  6:02:30 pm
I really don’t believe you are 22.
22-10 maybe
thewizard2004jmt  6:02:55 pm
i am
thekupoone  6:03:18 pm
well then perhaps you should think a little more before you speak
that’s probably the WORST
approach in the history of the world
did you fall into a river as a child? get deprived of oxygen for an extended period of time?
thewizard2004jmt  6:04:20 pm
wiil you go out with me
thekupoone  6:06:05 pm
I don’t KNOW YOU
why on earth would I just up and be your “gf”
you could be a killer
or a rapist
or a combo of the two
thewizard2004jmt  6:06:41 pm
i’m not
thekupoone  6:06:48 pm
oh cause
that’s reassuring
I bet you are
a rapist would say that
thewizard2004jmt  6:07:24 pm
i’m not
thekupoone  6:07:43 pm
I’d come meet you
and you’d shove my body into a barrel or something
I want to know
what logic is this?
that really tweaks my buttons
gets me right in the mood lemme tell ya
thewizard2004jmt  6:08:37 pm
i wil the best bf
thekupoone  6:09:17 pm
where do you come up with this?
I’ve encountered slugs with a higher IQ than you.
I will NOT be your “gf”
I care not how “good” you will be
I like my boyfriend to have a higher IQ than a house plant
thewizard2004jmt  6:12:04 pm
i do have an higher iq
thekupoone  6:12:10 pm
why don’t you just go outside and run into oncoming traffic
thewizard2004jmt  6:12:27 pm
you got a web cam
thekupoone  6:12:28 pm
I’m gonna go do, something other than talk to you.
It was fun to laugh, so thanks for that
thewizard2004jmt  6:13:37 pm
i’m funny
thekupoone  6:13:49 pm
good luck with the “gf” hunt, I hope manatee’s have started inter-species dating because
That’s about the only shot in hell you’ve got
Go die in a fiery car crash