Well, few updates but some that are somwhat important.

I got my official letter from park saying HEY, WELCOME TO COLLEGE DIMWIT. I just need to get them my high school transcript. Shouldn’t be too hard. I did decently well on my ACT I would have liked to do better but meh, what are you gonna do? See previously stated dimwit comment. I got a 23. I’m alright with that. I bombed the math I know it. I suck at it, extremely bad.

I shall be moving into my own one bedroom apartment in May if all goes as planned. EDIT: So I move in May 15th. My own one bedroom apartment. <333 woo!

I’m still working on driving, gimmie a break I’m trying! lol That should be squared away very soon with any luck. In which case my car will finally be in my hands so to speak. <333

Once I get the car squared away I should have a job, if not sooner. It all depends.

One thing is for sure though. I will be in college in August. That’s a pretty damn fine thing IMHO.



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