So…Daniel and I are still very happy. I think it’s going well….

Stress blows balls. lol. I’m working on getting what I can figured out in life, still a lot to fix and a lot to work on.

I’m really enjoying my time right now though…once I can get past this rough patching things will be even better…

I hope all my readers are well, though, I haven’t spoken to most of you in a while and it saddens me that I haven’t gotten any comments or anything.

Lemme know you still care!



So, two things, first of which is that I probably should have mentioned before, but didn’t, Daniel is now living with me. He moved in on Friday. So, there is that. Secondly, my birthday is this weekend you little fuckers. I would like to have a birthday party here, if you are interested in coming raise your hand lol. No, call me or leave a comment, it’s more effective, I really can’t see your hand…No really…I can’t…..put it down. lol. Anyhow, get ahold of me somehow
if you’d like to attend, if attendance is too low I will not be holding it.

I do have to say I’m extremely happy, so, everyone should be happy for me lol.

That is all for now.


For those of you who didn’t see my myspace bulletin, or who want to know more. I pass with a 91. I can drive now, WHEE. My car is being worked on Today, Possibly by tomorrow or Thursday I’ll have it. Hopefully by this weekend it will be tagged. That will be sweet. <33

There is your update.