So…Daniel and I are still very happy. I think it’s going well….

Stress blows balls. lol. I’m working on getting what I can figured out in life, still a lot to fix and a lot to work on.

I’m really enjoying my time right now though…once I can get past this rough patching things will be even better…

I hope all my readers are well, though, I haven’t spoken to most of you in a while and it saddens me that I haven’t gotten any comments or anything.

Lemme know you still care!



4 thoughts on “

  1. Of course I still care.  My mom passed away May 17th.  We burried her the 22nd.  Plus, I have been wrestling all over the place.  But, you’re still my favorite sister-inlaw (no matter what that pesky divorce decree says; lol)


  2. Heya. Thanks for the well wishes. Things are rough, but that’s the way life goes sometimes huh…I do have your KH2, sorry to make you worry. I was desperate and knew I’d need stuff to do out here, and yeah, I thought it was his. I’ll have that back to you as soon as I’m home.


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