Cross Post from Myspace

Wow, never thought I would title a blog that. Ever…lol. For those of you who still read on here I don’t really post on here anymore I’ve just started posting on myspace. So If you’d like feel free to visit it.

So, I made a decision in the past few days that had been thrown off
once I got my diagnosis. I know some of you knew I was struggling with
this because I was afraid of the reprucussions. I’ve decided for sure
now, I want to have a child. It’s taken me a long time to come to that
decision for myself, I was pretty sure at one point but I took it back
because of medical issues. I’ve just been somewhat bombarded with
thoughts of children recently and it brought up the issue in my mind of
what it was that I wanted. So there it is, it’s a bit silly to think
about now because it’s going to be a good long time before I have a
baby. Honestly I’d like to wait until I’m at least like 25 or so.

I’m doing well at keeping up with cleaning at this point. It took me
some time to get that groove going. I think I’ve got it now though.
It’s been a happy time for me. I am very happy these days. I always do
better in a relationship than alone.

I know no one reads this
anyway this is more for my own sake than anyone elses, to be honest
it’s because my handwriting sucks and I have the weird quirk that
unless i have something like a picture or a flower or something to
attach to my physical journal I don’t write in it. Plus even if I did
have such a thing I hate writing. I’d much rather type…

Again, crazy lady rambling to HERSELF. lol