Tagged Titled and Fucking Street Legal

    FINALLY for the first time in my entire LIFE I own a car, outright,
no payments, not a damn thing, titled and tagged to me. All kinds of
beautiful. Yesterday I cleaned it out, it’s been sitting a long time so
it was dirty as balls, I gave her a full tank of gas, and vaccumed the
inside, went and got some car febreeze and a new car air freshener
(love that smell), some spot removing wipes (last owner was a bit messy
inside the car lol, with soda or beer or something) and a little
trashbag. it’s all nice and pretty. Today I went and spot treated and
shampooed the inside if it, I never realized how much work it takes to
clean the inside of a car lol. Or to own a car for that matter. That’s only part of what Jared does and it tells me for damn sure I don’t want his job lol. Well, here
she is guys. My fucking baby. My 2000 Hyundai Accent GL. 83,000 miles.




I think that’s all for now folks.