Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.

Welcome, Welcome.

For those of you who know me, hey there, thanks for the switch. For those of you who might have found me by serendipity hello to you too, this post is more for your benefit.

Now for the intro. I’m Shari. I am currently a blogoholic, this is a newer obsession thought I’ve kept avid blogs previous in my life I can’t seem to stop as of late. I find my self wanting to take advantage of the ability and idea of documenting my life. For that matter when it comes to the internet I think it’s a good preservation. I have blogs that have been online since I was 12 lol. Anyway, to get back on track. I’m 20 years old, I live in a little town in Missouri with my boyfriend, our fish, two birds, and our puppy. We have a pretty full house. Right now I am the house girlfriend though we are looking to change that soon. I live a pretty simple life most of the time. I guess as simple as it can be in this crazy world I so often find myself caught up in. I can’t really think of much else to say about me for the moment so I’ll move right along.

So the reason behind making an separate and a little bit nicer blog is to get away from the all in ones. I want a blog, not a myspace, not a xanga, a real blog. I realized more and more the reason I don’t post much on those is because it’s getting too complicated. When did it become about all this other stuff? Xanga was my thing for the longest time and I loved it then they started adding in things and I switched to myspace because lets face it. More people use it and it’s essentially the same thing at this point. It will be nice to use this for what it is, a blog, with picture access. That’s all I need.

Between the old and new I hope you all enjoy my little rants and tirades, and I’ll enjoy writing them out. I’d like to commit to posting at least once a week and eventually I would like to move this blog to a permanent non-branch domain. So look forward to it! lol.



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