Awkward and Nervous In Boy’s Jeans

So I was reading one of the blogs on my blogroll. Marriage-101. She started talking about her first kiss and asked what everyone else’s was like. I think I’d like to share that story here.

My first kiss was a bit sooner than most peoples. I was eleven years old. So not too terribly young I guess. lol. I was living in Cape Girardeau at the time and was going to a local small school. It was close to summer when we moved there and the school was one of those that didn’t have air conditioning. I was a pretty awkward girl at that point. Still hadn’t really figured anything out and was more comfortable parading as a boy even though I was clearly not. Hitting puberty at nine does that to you. I didn’t own a pair of girls jeans at all. Forget about having a skirt. When we first moved out there my mom took me to get a new pair of shoes and I found a pair of lace up hiking boots. They were on sale and despite protests from my mother, I was dead set on them. Most of the time when I went to school I wore boys wide leg baggy jeans, a white tank top, a long sleeve red plaid shirt, and those hiking boots. Seriously…..I’m not kidding at all. I thought it was adorable I had a bob haircut at the time and my unusually dark hair for that time in my life framed right around my face. I really just looked like a girl in boys clothes.

Apparently even with all that, I was still a point of interest for someone.

After going to this school for a few weeks I had kind of settled in, made a few friends, started playing soccer, flag footbal, and softball. (all but the last with boys SO THERE! lol) Well, after I had finally started to feel like I fit in. Another new kid came to class. His name was Chad. He was a year older than me and because of his birthday being so late in the year he was in our class instead of one up. I started to talk to him a lot and become friends with him. Like a best friend pal kinda guy. Until one day on the playground.

We were out on the playground, on that thing, the big half circle metal contraption that’s like monkey bars but not? I dunno how to describe that or what to call it. We were climbing around on it and we came to rest at the top, when we got there he asked me if I had ever heard of kissing, I told him I had but that I had never done it. Then he asked me if I wanted to try it. Before I could answer they called his name over the intercom asking him to come to the office. He said that if I wanted to try it to meet him on the playground that night (there was going to be a family picnic at the school) told me to sneek away from my family and meet him. Then he left school.

Later that night we drove up to the school for the festivities. It took hours of begging to get my mom and dad to go and take me up there but I made it happen. After a while when they started doing the usual competitions and random activities and serving food I wandered off and told my family I was going to the playground.

I started walking around the playground but didn’t see Chad, all the sudden I heard “Shari?” Echoing from somewhere. Our playground had one of those concrete construction tubes. It was coming from inside, and it was Chad. I sat down inside next to him and he asked me the same question from earlier in the day, and all I could do was nod. He grabbed one of my hands and lifted my chin with the other and gave me a kiss. With tongue. It lasted all of about 5 seconds and when it was over I was full blushed and my ears felt like they were on fire. We sat there for a min giggling and then we parted ways when his mom started to call him.

The next day in school he wasn’t there, I was sad but thought he might have gotten sick. After a week I asked my teacher where he was and she told me that he moved and wasn’t coming back. I cried all that night and refused to tell my parents why. My best friend at the time and the boy who gave me my first kiss vanished the next day.

To this day I still remember how his voice sounded saying my name from in there. lol. Don’t think my heart could ever again beat that fast.

Shortly after we moved into a house further into Cape and he was soon forgotten for the most part. But he made me feel really special, me and my awkward boy jean wearing self.



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