Oh dear….I don’t think we are in Missouri anymore…

I’ve been a bit persona non grotto for a bit hadn’t I? Well We moved! That tends to take Internet away from you. It was pretty spur of the moment, but we are here now. Only one computer for a bit but I’ll try to stay pretty regular. It’ll be nice to spend more time in the living room instead of spending all my time in the office. From now on I think I’ll make a habit not to spend so much time there. Well, we live in Leavenworth, KS now. Yup I made the leap. I’m in Kansas. Enjoy that lol. We moved into a house here and let me tell you, it is just ADORABLE. Big too, full basment, first floor dining, living, and mudroom, plus entry way, second floor two beds and a bathroom. It’s really cute. It’s a barn style house too so the roof is shaped that way I love it.

Anyway so that’s what’s going on with me. Hope all is well for everyone else, ALSO I had a WONDERFUL Christmas. Got to meet some of his family from here and I had a blast, they even got me presents, and his grandma promised she’d put me to work next year lol. I got to be lazy this time cause I’m a newb.

also almost 9 months I think, WOO



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