For Last Year’s Words Belong to Last Year’s Language and Next Year’s Words Await Another Voice

Here I am again, at another year in my life. The 21st year to be exact, come up in May. Last year has brought about a lot of change in me and a lot of different behavior. Many memories, friends new and old and a new person to possibly share my life with. The year wore long on me and I’m sure it’s showed. I want to use this as everyone else does to look back on this year.

Rewind, New Year 2007. I was with a crap ton of friends, drinking, carrying on, throwing snow balls, and loving life having been single for about six months at the time. Yet somehow that midnight clock tosses you into emotion you hide. The way I rang in the new year? Crying. Standing in a room full of my friends with tears rolling down my cheek as I realized for the first time in many years, Since I was a teenager in fact. That I had had no one to kiss at midnight. That was the start of, but not by far the end of the saddest moments of my year. Made better by those friends that did give me cheek kisses to make up for it. I spent the first part of that year chasing something I didn’t have a chance at getting back. Lots of times of awkwardness with my Father, Trying hard to prepare for the college I was hoping to go to. February brought much more sadness with the ring in of National Singles Awareness Day, better known as Valentine’s day. As well as later that month the would be Anniversary of me and my ex. March brought better times, more fun with friends, A concert for ones birthday and also one of the best concerts I’ve seen so far. April slight optimism that for some reason led me back to trying to date. I was about ready to get my license and I think that added to it. In April a very nice guy started to talk to me, we learned some things about each other and with that I was off to go on a date with him, which was one of the best times of my life. A short….very very short…lol bit later in May, that guy moved in to my apartment in Riverside with me. Later in May brought my birthday, happy to have someone that day, as well as another concert prior to that was a lot of fun. I remember coming home to see him having fallen asleep waiting for me to come home. God how I missed him that night. June, July, and August brought very little but more happiness with him. September brought about life, slapping us in the face, perhaps to keep us in check and let us know that things don’t always come out the way you plan. We struggled through October, November, and December, through December we made plans. In those plans we will be working together, and we have a house. Soon we will have nicer things, and we’ll work to pay off some of the things from his past, as well as mine. For now though we had new years, a night of cooking together, talking and laughing, looking at old pictures, and looking to our future, topped with watching the ball drop at midnight and this year. I got my new years kiss.



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