Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.

So Wednesday was it, the big day. The First Meeting… For those of you who don’t know, , My boyfriend has a son from his marriage. We have been together for about eight and a half months. In this time we’ve tried to get to where he can see his son. It’s been a rought road and we haven’t gotten anywhere, we have a rough financial situation and he owes some back child support, because of that she doesn’t like to let him see his son. Well Wednesday it finally happened.

We got him a bunch of toys for Christmas, and Monday we were supposed to go to my boyfriends Grandmothers for opening, his family pushed that off and we were getting frustrated so I metioned the idea of having her to the house, I didn’t think it was a big deal. He gave her a call Wednesday because the family postponed again and she said that’s fine. So like a mad woman I dash around trying to clean up and get things ready.

Fast forward a bit the Three of them show up, She has just had a baby four months ago by her new boyfriend, then her and her son. We get through the formalities okay and get to the presents, and the pictures, They spent most the time talking and I got to play with his son almost the whole time. At one point he sat in my lap and held my hand. I fixed his toy plane for him, He broke the door off and walked up to me with the parts and with the cutest face in the world said “Can you fix it?” It was awesome.

I don’t think I’ve ever so quickly become or so deeply been attached to a child. Is that normal? I almost wish he could have stayed the night already lol. I had so much fun with him. He’s the closest thing I’ve been around as far as possibly being family. It was really great and we are seeing them again on Wednesday this week. I hope that this is the start of a new trend, she’s been really nice and it seems like we are going to have better chances to see him and we are doing what we can to get the child support caught up. Anyway, that’s my story, feel free to comment…



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