Our First Pace Day.

I guess today you could say Daniel and I officially started running. Today was our first pace day. Every week on Sunday we are going to do a pace run, from around a mile to a mile and a half. Tonight we did 1.41 miles in 18 minutes 42 seconds. I am covered in sweat but I feel better than I have in years. We went on a walk for around 3.5 miles on Saturday night. We’ve stopped smoking, we drink almost no soda, and we’ve started running.

I see so many things in my life every day that I want to be better. One of the key things is that my husband and I have been through more stress than I can even fathom, more heartache and sadness than I even care to think about. During all of it we treated our bodies like our lives were almost expendable. They aren’t. We have each other, and my stepson, and the kids we ultimately want to have together. I want to be a mother and I am a step mother. I need to be around as long as possible and I want as much good time as I can get with the man that I love and the people I care about.

On our walk we talked a lot, and it gave us time to evaluate where we are in life and where we want to be. I think running will afford us time together, and add to the closeness I already feel with him. In short I feel great, and as such we’ve decided to set a goal for ourselves.

North Face Endurance Challenge

We will be prepping over the next month to run a 5k on the North Face Endurance Challenge. I can’t wait, and I’m super excited. I will be updating our progress on here, we are using endomondo to track ourselves via the web and on facebook. This blog will be a chronicle of our running journey from my perspective. Feel free to read along with me about our ongoing trials, races, and the fun things we get to see. I will be sharing pictures and the like.



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