Oh, My, God. Did I fall asleep under a train?

Last night was the longest distance I have gone on foot since I was a teenager. Not sure the time offhand I think it was somewhere around an hour and a half, with a stop for dinner (Mr. Goodcents cheapy sub, foot long to split, tasty and low cal), drinks, more drinks, the YMCA, and into two stores where we got nothing. We walked five miles.

FIVE MILES. I didn’t even know I had that in me. That puts us at just under 10 miles for the week so far. I’ve decided to get a pedometer at work to track my steps while I’m there. I won’t count it with my total fitness program but I will keep tabs on it as I’m curious about it.

For those of you who don’t already know and may be reading this from some random place. I work at General Motors and I walk back and fourth all day, typically carrying 20-30 pound alternators. This affords me a little more of an advantage when it comes to fitness although after being there for three months now I know that my body will pretty much count it as null eventually.

On our way back to the house from our last stop (a one and a half mile stretch) we stopped and tried Gatorade Prime and Muscle Milk. Prime is like….goo. I didn’t really think it was a gel for whatever reason but man was it thick, it did however get the job done of giving us the boost to get back home after all that walking. The muscle milk is a terrible idea mid walk. It’s thick and pasty. While it is good, I would not recommend using this mid anything, which really, we knew in the first place but I wanted to give it a shot. At any rate. I pretty much passed out when we got home.

This morning when I woke up I felt as though a Mack truck had been rolling all over me all night. This is where that muscle milk came in handy. The potassium and everything in that was a life saver this morning and made all the difference in my day, that and a small cup of coffee at work (Small as I’m trying very hard to limit my sugar and caffeine intake) gave me what I needed to get through my second workout, work LOL.

All in all so far I think we’ll be more than ready to run this 5k, and I’m SUPER happy we’re doing it. We both feel great and while it hurts, I now CERTAINLY understand what I chose for the blog title, this morning was definitely Gratifying Agony.

This weekend we’re going to start our trial to the YMCA down the road I think. We both want to start swimming laps to help our lung capacity. I think this will do leaps and bounds for us both as it has in the past, not to mention I feel like a special needs manatee/cat when in water. This is something I would like to change. Also it’s a one mile walk to get there so that would be two miles each time we go. There are also plenty of other benefits to the YMCA as well as the fact that they are involved in the North Face Endurance Challenge that we will be running, thus it seems only right to support them anyhow for helping to put on such an event.

Tonight was a cool down night more walking tomorrow whenever we can fit it in to our schedule. I will also be going tomorrow after work to get my hair cut, VERY SHORT. I think this will help regulate my body temp as well as release my aggravation with the growing pile of hair on my head.

In short things are progressing well, more updates soon!



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