This was blogged into my phone the date was changed to reflect the actual date it was made. Some back story, we had just started moving out of a house we were renting to move into a new one. I was also recovering from surgery on my arm for tendinitis in my left elbow.

We came to get the rest of our stuff our of the old house today, unfortunately it’s piss pouring rain. We postponed the power disconnect until tomorrow, we’ll have to finish up then. That’s okay though, at least we have a much nicer place to go to. I’m so glad the new house has multiple bedrooms. It still hasn’t fully sunk in that I’m going to have a baby. I already notice the heightened sense of smell. I’ve been a bit dizzy and nauseous this morning, I’ve already noticed an increased want for milk and though I’m lactose intolerant it seems to be just fine. Here in just a few I’m going to call my insurance and ask what doctors are covered. I also need to call my surgeon and see if I’m okay to take my medicine though I haven’t really been taking it anyway. I love Daniel so much and I’m so happy.


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