Six Weeks, A Little Scary.

This was blogged into my phone the date was changed to reflect the actual date it was made.

I am six weeks along today. I had to go into the doctor’s office yesterday, a bit early but, I had to have blood work done because I started spotting. Hopefully just from aggravation, we did DTD the night prior to it starting. Tomorrow we move the last of our things out of the old house and I go back to the doctor for my first ultrasound. I can’t wait, we might be able to hear the heart beat! I’m to a point where I get exhausted super easily and passing out with no control over my need to sleep is a thing. My uterus is noticeably larger and I’m having CONSTANT nausea but no throwing up. I’ve been trying to consistently nibble during the day to combat it and it seems to be working. Our oven at the new house almost caught fire the other day, the control panel light up and started sparking and popping like crazy while I was broiling chicken for dinner. We are supposed to get a new one Saturday. Until then that limits my food options lol. I’m happy, tired, and scared, I hope tomorrow brings more happiness and good news.


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