All of the baby things!








Had some laundry to do today and couldn’t make it to the laundry mat. Before I get any ZOMG YOU NEED A WASHER AND DRYER FOR BABY, I know. I’m going to be getting one lol. We just haven’t found a good deal yet. That being said I went to the neighbors to do laundry. Julie has been chomping at the bit to give me baby things and since I was borrowing her washer we went down memory lane in her basement for baby things! We got all the gender neutral stuff we could find off hand in the baby clothes since we don’t know the sex of the baby quite yet. I also scored that SUPER AWESOME baby backpack which is going to come in SUPER handy when I start taking my longer walks again once the baby gets here. I just can’t do the walking lots of miles right now. Not to mention it’s very fall like outside. The backpack is missing the rain zipper for the front but I found out it seems as though they offer that as a replacement part. it really is an AWESOME thing and I’m super happy to have it because wow that’s quite a price! I love my neighbors lol. Beyond that I did get two of the rocker/vibrating sleeper chair things that play music and such. They need a wash so they aren’t pictured yet, once I get the liners through the wash I’ll add those up there as well. The clothes pictured start at newborn-3 months and move up to 3-6 and then 9-12 months. She’s got OODLES more clothes for once we find out what it’s going to be. I also got a Nojo RingSling. Now, before I go on my tangent about these it’s pretty cool looking and I will probably try to use it. That being said I’m TERRIFIED of these lol. These and the moby wraps scare me because I’m so afraid of dropping the baby or him/her getting wrapped up in it wrong. I’ve read some reviews that rave about the nojo ones so I’m probably going to give it a shot but still a little scary for me! If any newish mommas or veteran mommas have any advice on these things and how to make sure I’m using it properly let me know. At anyrate, this is my haul for the day. Other than mommy brain getting to me so much so that I stand in rooms for five minutes trying to think of what I had the idea for three seconds ago that prompted that action, everything else seems good. Stay tuned for more updates!


Sixteen weeks , still just a growin’. Yeesh.




Hello everyone!

So it’s sixteen weeks and I’m feeling a bit huge. LOL. The expansion in the last two weeks feels like it’s a lot. I’m feeling much more energetic and robust. Had physical therapy today and got Daniel to run across the street from where it’s at to the DAV, we also hit up a Salvation Army thrift store, I was able to get five shirts and three pairs of pants, one pair of jeans I got were super friggin’ adorable but apparently the company is out of business. :-( The company is called Baby Style, they’re a bit too big bit that’s great. They look like this

T2eC16NzoE9s5nd85qBR9+kVwR4w60_58 (1)


Also everyone meet Jake! He’s one of the children we got before deciding to have actual kids! lol He’s our Jack Russell Terrier, and he’s almost 7 years old. He’s our little goofball! At any rate, I’m super happy and excited and I’m really enjoying the journey so far. I really can’t wait to find out the sex of the baby and I’d really like to start buying things for the baby. I started looking for neat knick knack stuff at the thrift stores today, nothing really struck my fancy. Got myself a very large salad today and some garden cottage cheese. We had oxtail stew yesterday that Daniel spent the entire day slaving over, it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted. That’s my update for today! I’ll be back again soon!


Fifteen Weeks

I’m fifteen weeks as of today, haven’t taken another picture yet but I will in the next day or two. I’m feeling the munchkin move more and more every day. It’s super exciting. I was talking to the neighbor the other day about how I really needed to make a trip out to find myself some maternity pants. I woke up today to two pairs of maternity pants lying on the porch rail for me. My neighbor rocks. One pair didn’t fit but the other did, and they are super cute, a bit of room for my belly to grow, plus it’s nice to have some pants that fit. When I take my next pictures I’ll have em on!

Alright ladies and gents, or whoever might be reading this, if you are could you spare a comment? I’m curious who, if anyone is reading this.

Off to get some rest I have PT in the morning.


Fourteen Weeks and Growing!

14-weeks-1 14-weeks-2

So I’m working on getting the rest of my old posts and pictures up and I’ll have it all here pretty soon. Today I am 14 weeks and I’m feeling like a hawt mama! As you can plainly see my seam on my shirt is a LITTTLLEEE tight LOL. Poor thing. I’mma have to invest in some maternity clothes soon. I’m not getting any smaller that’s for sure!! I need a haircut too and I think I’m going to paint my nails and pamper a bit later cause I’m just feeling like it today. The last week has been a little rough, been having a hard time keeping foods down but it seems to be evening out. Hopefully the worst of that has passed and I can start to really enjoy this. I really have been looking forward to this all my life and I can’t wait to be a mom. I had only one soda over the last two days, that’s been a really hard thing for me. I was a Dr. Pepper/Mt. Dew drinker before pregnancy and it’s been rough not to lean on the caffeine especially with how tired I am all the time these days. I bought myself a jar of coca butter lotion to rub the bellys down. Gotta keep that figure! lol. I’m going to start doing my prenatal yoga again now that I’m feeling a lot better. I’m also going to start taking my prenatal vitamins again. The doctor said I was fine to lay off them for a month or so till the nausea chilled the hell out. I got some nice dual pack free ones from Enfamil. So I’ve been drinking a lot of fruit punch and such eating apples a lot, and eating potatoes. OMG POTATOES. They are SOOOOOOOOO good lol. No matter what if I eat them I feel better and don’t want to blow like Vesuvius. I think the last week I’ve probably lost a few pounds. I’ve thrown up at least once a day if not more, but it seems to be getting better. Memo to me, when nauseous avoid chili dogs at all costs.

I’m feeling the baby move around more. It’s like if you were to gently push someone on the arm, only it’s from the inside, and it’s my uterus.  It’s super odd and interesting at the same time. I really feel like I’m adjusting well, the doctors say I’m doing fine and I’m starting to feel so much better. Beyond that I’m starting to grow into being pregnant. I think that it takes a bit for everything to start sinking in. We also haven’t had the easiest go of things the last few months. Also with my surgery, doctors appointments, workers comp, and everything in between it’s been super hectic. Things are starting to settle a bit and I feel like Daniel and I have more time to take it in, and love on each other.

The neighbor, Julie, who, I LOVE lol, has a bunch of both girl and boy clothes that she has no use for, as soon as I find out what we’re having I’m commanded to let her know so she can cart that stuff over to us lol. She’s also got a few things like a bouncer and a play mat and stuff. It’ll be nice because I won’t be getting much if anything for a baby shower. I doubt I’ll end up having one. That’s okay with me though, cause Daniel and I built our life together, we will raise our child together, and there isn’t anything we can’t do for ourselves! I can’t wait to start putting the nursery together I want to get a hold of some oven bake clay to make neat things for the munchkin. I’m going to be looking up some ideas tonight to see if there are any fun projects I can do with stuff around the house.

Our child is the size of a lemon, and that is interesting to me thought from the looks of me I swear he or she is the size of a Mack truck but whatever.  I will leave you with that thought.


EDIT: So I got hungry for a snack late night, and for whatever reason decided bachamel, cheese, and onion angel hair pasta sounded good. Random but it came out great and I was proud!

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my life!

Friday 11, April 2014

That’s the due date of our beautiful bundle of whatever it’s going to be lol. I decided to start this blog because up until now I’ve been jotting things down in an app for my phone. I will probably post those with the dates they were written at some point soon. As of today I am 13 weeks and 3 days. It’s been a fun and interesting journey so far, through the ups and downs, highs and lows, I know that someday before I know it, I’ll be holding our baby. For the first time in my life I’ll have a child in my arms, a little wriggling, scared, totally dependent life form, and it’ll be mine.

We are a weird couple, we’re complete nerds, total night owls, and we don’t live our lives the way “normal” people are supposed to. I’m not sure what the hell qualifies as normal these days but whatever! We’re going to be great at this I know it. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life and I’m so excited I could just explode. I’m 26 and he’s 29, this will be our first child together and I think we’re as ready as anyone could be!

I’m feeling the baby move around here and there, I’m looking forward to feeling it more in the coming weeks. I will keep this updated and try to post at least once a week on how I’m doing. I warn those reading, I will spare no detail. If you don’t want to read about my possible hemorrhoids, where my back pain is today, and how many times I’ve puked you might as well move on because I plan to document EVERYTHING lol.

I look forward to writing here and I hope that you all enjoy reading it and sharing it with me as much as I’m enjoying going through it.