Fifteen Weeks

I’m fifteen weeks as of today, haven’t taken another picture yet but I will in the next day or two. I’m feeling the munchkin move more and more every day. It’s super exciting. I was talking to the neighbor the other day about how I really needed to make a trip out to find myself some maternity pants. I woke up today to two pairs of maternity pants lying on the porch rail for me. My neighbor rocks. One pair didn’t fit but the other did, and they are super cute, a bit of room for my belly to grow, plus it’s nice to have some pants that fit. When I take my next pictures I’ll have em on!

Alright ladies and gents, or whoever might be reading this, if you are could you spare a comment? I’m curious who, if anyone is reading this.

Off to get some rest I have PT in the morning.



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