Sixteen weeks , still just a growin’. Yeesh.




Hello everyone!

So it’s sixteen weeks and I’m feeling a bit huge. LOL. The expansion in the last two weeks feels like it’s a lot. I’m feeling much more energetic and robust. Had physical therapy today and got Daniel to run across the street from where it’s at to the DAV, we also hit up a Salvation Army thrift store, I was able to get five shirts and three pairs of pants, one pair of jeans I got were super friggin’ adorable but apparently the company is out of business. :-( The company is called Baby Style, they’re a bit too big bit that’s great. They look like this

T2eC16NzoE9s5nd85qBR9+kVwR4w60_58 (1)


Also everyone meet Jake! He’s one of the children we got before deciding to have actual kids! lol He’s our Jack Russell Terrier, and he’s almost 7 years old. He’s our little goofball! At any rate, I’m super happy and excited and I’m really enjoying the journey so far. I really can’t wait to find out the sex of the baby and I’d really like to start buying things for the baby. I started looking for neat knick knack stuff at the thrift stores today, nothing really struck my fancy. Got myself a very large salad today and some garden cottage cheese. We had oxtail stew yesterday that Daniel spent the entire day slaving over, it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted. That’s my update for today! I’ll be back again soon!



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