All of the baby things!








Had some laundry to do today and couldn’t make it to the laundry mat. Before I get any ZOMG YOU NEED A WASHER AND DRYER FOR BABY, I know. I’m going to be getting one lol. We just haven’t found a good deal yet. That being said I went to the neighbors to do laundry. Julie has been chomping at the bit to give me baby things and since I was borrowing her washer we went down memory lane in her basement for baby things! We got all the gender neutral stuff we could find off hand in the baby clothes since we don’t know the sex of the baby quite yet. I also scored that SUPER AWESOME baby backpack which is going to come in SUPER handy when I start taking my longer walks again once the baby gets here. I just can’t do the walking lots of miles right now. Not to mention it’s very fall like outside. The backpack is missing the rain zipper for the front but I found out it seems as though they offer that as a replacement part. it really is an AWESOME thing and I’m super happy to have it because wow that’s quite a price! I love my neighbors lol. Beyond that I did get two of the rocker/vibrating sleeper chair things that play music and such. They need a wash so they aren’t pictured yet, once I get the liners through the wash I’ll add those up there as well. The clothes pictured start at newborn-3 months and move up to 3-6 and then 9-12 months. She’s got OODLES more clothes for once we find out what it’s going to be. I also got a Nojo RingSling. Now, before I go on my tangent about these it’s pretty cool looking and I will probably try to use it. That being said I’m TERRIFIED of these lol. These and the moby wraps scare me because I’m so afraid of dropping the baby or him/her getting wrapped up in it wrong. I’ve read some reviews that rave about the nojo ones so I’m probably going to give it a shot but still a little scary for me! If any newish mommas or veteran mommas have any advice on these things and how to make sure I’m using it properly let me know. At anyrate, this is my haul for the day. Other than mommy brain getting to me so much so that I stand in rooms for five minutes trying to think of what I had the idea for three seconds ago that prompted that action, everything else seems good. Stay tuned for more updates!


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