Seventeen weeks, Congrats it’s an ONION!

Can’t believe it’s been this long already. I scored a bed today for 30 bucks, queen sized, UPGRADEE. Yay! I’m very excited and my awesome neighbor is going to take us out there with their truck to pick it up. Scratch one more thing off the list of crap I have to deal with before the baby comes. So exciting!

I decided I must be nesting, hard, the first sign came when I was completely compelled yesterday to fully clean all of the things in the kitchen, AND make from scratch no recipe vegetable soup, followed by scratch pumpkin cake that I made apple cider glaze for



Today I cleaned quite a few things I dusted like the entire living room and started organizing everything. I swear it must be nesting. I’m feeling really good today, my back is bothering me but I feel extremely accomplished.

Our baby is an onion, and next week will be a sweet potato. Those are things. LOL That is all.