NST, Ultrasound, and OB appointment. Jesus, this is going to be a busy morning.

Today, I go for all this special stuffz. My BP which previously wasn’t much of an issue, is now starting to become one. They told me that was a possibility because with the renal issues associated with everything, I was really hoping Mister Alex would hold his horses but he’s been impatient this whole time! I don’t think 39 weeks is realistic anymore but we will have to see. I’m nervous and happy, I get to see babe this morning so at least that’s a plus,  maybe this time I’ll get to bring home some more pictures of him.

There’s still so much to do and take care of and it’s not helping the stress levels I’ve got going on, trying my best to relax but with everything on my mind it’s really difficult. Daniel has a long to do list this week and it’s great that stuff is going to get done, but at the same time I almost have to grieve for it. Now was the time for me to go out and buy all the last minute baby things and enjoy prepping for the little one, and I can’t. Simply and plainly, I just can’t. While I know it’s all for him, and it’s what’s best. It’s still difficult. Thankfully I have a loving husband to be my rock and help me through all this.

Updates on doc appt. later. Hanging in there for now. Time to shower!

EDIT: So…My US went okay, baby was doing well, my amniotic fluid is still low. NST scan didn’t go so well…A few spots of fetal deceleration heartbeat slightly concerning. The doc had to come in during the NST to look at things and noticed the deceleration along with some other concerning stuffz. Get to my appointment with the doctor and am told that he thinks the best possible thing at this point is to monitor the baby to make sure the placenta and cord are functioning okay because he’s now concerned about it. So he sent me to L&D, He wanted to send me directly over but i convinced him to let me go home and grab my bag and stuff. Got to the hospital and they did another ultrasound, a “Physiological profile” I’m not sure the actual results of that but I have to another one tomorrow. I will infact be a line jumper and this guy WILL be a March Baby. Probably before Daniel’s birthday, possible in the next two weeks. I have to do another 24 hour urine because it turns out the protein in my urine has gotten even worse. Bp is still okay so far, blood is still present as well. I have weird cuffs on my legs that alternate inflating around my calves. I have an open IV Port. My blood work for pregnancy induced hypertension came back perfectly fine, so it’s still not pre e or hypertension, it’s still toxemia at this point. Dr on call is concerned atm about him getting enough oxygen because something keeps cutting the cord off. I have another US in the morning, I’m exhausted, scared, and nervous, and sad that I am here. Updates as they come in. Thank god Zane was there this whole thing was just too scary, I hate going through all of this!


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