My son the ever eating hulk



Alex is the life of the party in the NICU, he’s a super adorable dork who makes all the nurses giggle and swoon over how adorable he is. I’ve been trying my best to be there as much as I can while also taking care of myself. I think the NICU pediatrician could see that it’s taking it’s toll on me. He hugged me today and told me I was doing a wonderful job and that he was so happy to see a mom so dedicated to their child. They keep upping his amount to feed. When he was born that first night we got him to eat out of a bottle and he was feeding 4ml each time. He’s now up to 12ml feedings and he’s doing them in less than five minutes. He’s latching the bottle perfectly and tomorrow he will start using his Avent bottles, we’re going to bring them from home for him to use.

I wrote this this other day from the hospital and hadn’t had time to finish it.

I literally went to every feeding Alex had that night/day/morning. I wore myself out, and they started becoming concerned about my blood pressure. Turns out it was even higher now than before Alex was born. They told me they were keeping me another day. I pretty much lost it at that point. I was going crazy from being stuck in the hospital, not being able to take Alex home with me, and the stress of everything else I had to take care of at home and elsewhere, I broke down. After some help from Daniel, and the amazing staff at the hospital, I picked myself back up, and have been trying to stay on my feet ever since. I miss him daily and it’s hard that visits and phone calls are my only link to my son right now, but I know he’ll be home eventually and we’ll be here as a family. I was discharged without my precious boy on March 4th.

Alex has been progressing so well, he’s up to 30ml bottles, his weight is up to 3lbs 9oz, they have had to push some of his food through his nasal tube but for the most part he’s taking it from a bottle. He’s beautiful and spunky, he smiles and makes funny faces, and everyone loves his forehead wrinkles.

I love him very much and so does his daddy, and we cannot wait for him to get home.



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