How could I say no? He’s got a love like woah!




He’s so damn awesome. I love our little dude. As you can see, he’s moved to his open crib, and as of now he’s keeping his temp just fine in the crib. He’s four pounds seven ounces as of last night. I had to go out to buy buy baby today, and I found out that they are apparently the preemie mecha of the midwest. They even had preemie socks! Those are really hard to find for those of you who don’t know. The other day we found out that the avent bottles we were using for him were too large, and putting food out too fast. So I ran out to walmart and picked up some Dr. Browns bottles, as the nipple was much smaller and softer. They did not however, have the preemie nipple size that Dr. Browns does offer. We tried him for a bit on the size 1 nipples that came on the bottles and they were not as fast as the avent but still a bit too fast for him.

So, today I ran out to buy buy baby and found they did in fact have the preemie nipple size for Dr. Browns bottle system. Hooray! Hoping that works out better for him. He’s taken 6 out of the last 8 feedings as full feedings, the two that weren’t one was 28, and one was 18. He’s shooting for 35. We’re hoping with this new bottle nipple he will be able to take the full amount of feeding each time. With the current set up he gets tired and fussy and isn’t interested after a bit because he gets big gulps and it hurts his tummy, it also gets air in there and makes him fussy. As of right now they are planning to take his NG tube out in the next few days and see how he does. If he pulls it out sooner they will leave it out (he’s got a habit of yanking it out of his nose lol). I kinda hope he does but it’ll be out soon enough. Since they are talking about taking his tube out that means he’ll probably be home very shortly. They were talking to me today about getting our CPR class done in the next few days, and getting his car seat test done. They will be giving him his vaccinations in the next few days as well, I signed the consent form for that today. He was unable to get his vitamin K and Hep B when he was born because he was a preemie so he’ll be getting them now. I am unsure about his vaccine schedule here forward with his adjusted age vs his actual age. That’s to worry about another day though! What I do know, is my baby boy will be home with us soon! Our little family will all be together and I cannot WAIT! He’s a little champ given that he’s not even 37 weeks GA yet and he’s already almost ready to come home. We will be rooming in at the hospital for a night with him before he comes home, they will make sure we feed him and take care of him okay and that he doesn’t have any unexpected issues while not being hooked up to any monitors or anything. I’m seriously so excited and am hoping everything goes well this weekend/this week for him to be able to come home to us. Wish us all luck and I’ll keep my blog updated on little Alexandr’s progress!

Shari, the proudest momma ever!


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