Oh How It Amazes Me, You’re Changin’ With Every Blink…




Today Alexandr has been home for four days. It’s been a huge adjustment from the NICU to home. All the rules and regulations of how and when he should eat, not being able to leave the house, even just to go do errands, like normal parents. I have to monitor him to make sure he’s okay, make sure he’s still keeping his temp, and for the first few days we were on a staunch feeding schedule, and while it might be lighter now, it’s still pretty staunch lol. It’s just not as complex as it was when we came home. Alex ate like crazy after we brought him home, he steadily progressed on his feedings with me at the hospital and continued the trend at home. He routinely takes 60ml bottles and even on his not-so-hungry feedings he’s taking at least 40ml. We went to the pediatrician on Friday to see how he’s progressed since he’s been home and make sure everything was good. Alex was 4lbs 10.5 ounces and 18 inches long when he was discharged from the NICU. At his pediatrician appointment, two days after his discharge, he was 4lbs 15 ounces, and 18 1/4 inches long. In TWO DAYS home with us he gained almost five ounces and a quarter of an inch! The pediatrician gave him a book, which apparently they do at every appointment for infants, so every time he goes he’ll get a new book to add to his library (super friggin cool), we were encouraged to start doing tummy time while he’s awake and reading to him as she said his awake times will be more prevalent in the coming days, as well as his alertness during those times. He was having some issues with reflux and gas, the doc gave some tips for now to help avoid it and it seems to be working well. The night before we went in to see her he had a spit episode that came almost solely out of his nose, scared the living hell out of me, and of course none of the aspirators we have are small enough to fit in his teeny tiny nose, so he just had to sneeze it out. She suggested I hold him upright for at least 15 mins after feedings to help eliminate that as a problem, I also decided that instead of using the, “sit the baby on their butt and rub and pat their back” burping method, to try my grandma’s old school tride and true method of, put baby head on shoulder and pat. It’s phenomenal and often times he burps before he gets to my shoulder. He hasn’t had a full reflux spit since starting the upright idea (i put him in the kangaroo care position for this). He’s been much happier, with good reason.

Having him home has been a great joy. Though mom is riddled with lack of sleep and isn’t probably eating as much as she should lol, it’s going very well. When he is fussy we enjoy mommy Alex time on the bed, he sleeps really well that way and it is just so serene somehow to look down at his little face while he’s sleeping. I don’t get much tv watching done with him laying there next to me lol. Since we got the go ahead to start tummy time with him mommy decided to plop him on the floor and read him the little red hen yesterday. He seemed to enjoy it, and shortly after being put on his tummy he decided he wanted to flip to his back, he almost made it and shocked me. Daddy thought perhaps it was a fluke as that’s not on the milestone list until 3-4 months (which would be at 5-6 months for Alex) so as excited as I was, I kind of wrote it off, until today, when he did this for about twenty minutes, for pretty much all of tummy time. So at three weeks old, he’s trying stuff he shouldn’t be dorking with for another four months-ish. Again, always in a damn hurry! lol I took some video, so enjoy my little crazy butt Alex being a bad ass!


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