Life is a roller coaster


Whew, it’s been a ride lately. Sorry for not updating for those of you who are actually reading this. Alex was discharged on the 18th of March, so he’s been home for some time now. Shortly after his discharge we started noticing him spitting up more and more, as I mentioned in the last post he was spilling a fair amount and I was told to keep him upright. Spitting up turned to throwing up and then we had a problem. We had to go in for an urgent care visit and after describing his symptoms we were giving Prilosec compound suspension. We started giving him that and his symptoms seem to be getting better but it takes a few weeks to kick in. In the meantime most everything in our house is covered in baby vomit. Poor guy, he heaves like I did when I was pregnant before I was about to puke and then WHAM projectile, sometimes multiple feet from his poor little body. We had a new pediatrician appointment on the 4th (the day his original C-Section was scheduled for) and he hadn’t gained much during the week, only 2 ounces but it took the ped’s office and pharmacy four days to get shit together so we could get his script.

The good news is he’s feeling better, sleeping better, and he’s up to eating 3 ounces every 5-6 hours instead of 2 ounces every 3-4. I think he’s gained a bunch more this week as his little arms are starting to get chubby which is new and he’s getting chubbier in his chin folds lol. I love him to death.

In mommy news, I found out my breast milk is indeed okay to give to him. He can latch well and I enjoy the bonding, BUT I found out tonight that’s not going to work, see he’s a bit overzealous, he swallows too much too fast and starts to choke, so until he’s a bit older, straight from me is on hold. However, I was able to find my insurance company covers the Medela In Style pump and I got one. I need new shields for it because the stock ones are too big, but I was able to restart my supply and as soon as I get the new shields I will be pumping, and giving two feedings a day of my milk when I am able. I went to the hospital day before yesterday because my post partum visitor came in with a vengeance and it’s like the shining over here. The ER says I’m just one of the lucky ones that gets it REALLY BAD. Great. Cause my body isn’t broken enough I get to add this to the list of shit it’s bad at. With the amount I’m calling the OB’s office in the morning and asking what they think because it’s gotten to be more in the last 24 hours, and I’m starting to get kinda lethargic, also, it HURTS LIKE HELL. So I’m going to see if I can get anything to help with that since Motrin might as well be sawdust for me.

Alexandr has been doing well, he’s hitting all the 1 month newborn milestones with gusto, he smiles, he tracks me with his eyes, though he seems distracted sometimes. He can make fists, he grabs objects close to him as well as he can, he grips his wubbanub monkey super well. When I read to him he looks at the pages and he stares at his mobile when it’s on in his crib. He moves his arms and legs, and still tries to flip over during tummy time, and has now started pushing up with his arms more, he also tucks his knees up under him and pushes out like he’s trying to crawl. He can slide himself around/wiggle around on the blanket. He can also hold his head up for extended periods and during tummy time he can move it from left to right and chew on the blanket. He’s also taken to putting his mouth on things he’s interested in. In short little man is doing well, if we could get his reflux under control I think he’ll do much better. I took a bunch of “newborn” photos myself since with his reflux we haven’t been able to get professional ones taken. I didn’t get to edit the one above but I think it came out good. Our photos from the NICU shoot came back and here are a few, I’ll make a gallery post later with the rest of them.